Most Common Problems with Mobile Software

Common Problems with Mobile Software

As with all forms of computer software, there will be occasions when you run into some issues when using a mobile device. However, the majority of these can easily be solved and below we highlight some of the most common problems with mobile software and apps.

Perhaps the most common of all issues with mobile software is slow running applications. This is often found more regularly in older mobile phones but it can also happen in the latest devices. So, what is it that makes a mobile device slow? A single mobile app causing lots of problems could be down to the fact you have not updated to the most recent version of the app and we recommend you try that first before deleting the app from your phone.

We now rely on apps more than ever before. Let’s be honest we use them for pretty much everything. We shop, we date, we watch films and shows, we chat with friends, plan trips, and much more, all from our smartphones. We use apps for pretty much all our daily tasks, so when they start playing up, rightly so, we get annoyed. 

Apps are now a lot more complex than they used to be. They can naturally do a lot more and this in itself can lead to problems. Our mobiles only have limited physical and virtual memory and the larger the app, the more strain it puts on the resources in our phone. So lets have a look at some common troubleshooting problems and tips to fix them.

Having tried updating the app, if the problem persists it could be due to the Random-Access Memory (RAM) being full of apps and files. The easiest solution is to go through the applications and files on your phone and delete the ones you are not using or do not need. If there are files you have not been using recently but believe you may want to come back to in the future, upload them to the cloud before deleting them. That way, if you do you want to come back to them, you can view the files on the cloud and download them if you would like to have them back on your mobile device.

Occasionally, you may find an application crashes or freezes. This will rarely happen with mobile apps developed by the major brands and companies but if it does, there is no need to panic. If this occurs, the first thing you should do is to restart your device and try using the app again. You can also go to the app manager on your phone and force stop that app if you wish. Clearing the cache can also help run an app that has been crashing but if the problem persists, it is best to uninstall the app and try a fresh install. There may have been a bug in the initial release of the app that caused it to freeze on certain phones and it has since been updated.

Another of the most common problems with mobile software is when apps will not download. It is extremely frustrating when you have chosen an app you would like to use only for the app not to install on your device. This usually happens because of a corrupt cache and can be solved easily by cleaning the apps cache and the history of your mobile applications provider, such as the App Store or Google Play. Having done that, you must restart your phone before attempting to install the app again.

These issues can affect all types of apps from all developers. Even huge companies like WhatsApp, Facebook, Amazon, and Instagram’s apps have all had problems in the recent past.

Watching sports and even betting on sports is now a lot more popular than it used to be. A lot of operators now have mobile apps where sports fans can watch and wager on games. Two of the most popular operators to do this on are DraftKings and FanDuel, but even as big and popular as these companies are, their mobile apps are still causing headaches. 

As more of us are taking to our phone to watch and bet on sports, we are noticing more and more problems. These issues seem to be increasing and there are now online guides to help players get to the bottom of the problems and fix them. Sometimes just downloading the latest version of the app or restarting your phone aren’t enough to fix the problems.  

Finally, there are a few additional tips that will help your mobile to prevent software problems from developing. Always upgrade your software as soon as it is released, do not try and open a crashed app multiple times, and read reviews of an app before you install it on your phone.


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