Most Popular Shapes and Styles of Moissanite Engagement Rings


An engagement is a beautiful time in any woman’s life, but the ring is ultimately the most exciting aspect of the occasion. What Moissanite shape would be ideal for your engagement ring?

The decision ultimately depends on you, your personal preferences, and your financial situation. A piece of jewelry’s shine comes from the stone! Here are some of the most well-known and well-liked moissanite stone forms, ranging from a conventional round cut to gorgeous exotic cuts.

Impact of Cut on Moissanite

Every cut has a unique impact on the stone’s dispersion, which is what gives it its distinctive glitter. Cutting a gemstone demands a high level of expertise since cleavage and fracture are two characteristics that govern how a stone might get divided. The absence of both of these characteristics is one of the advantages of moissanite. It means moissanite is versatile, and an expert can safely cut it into any form. The two primary types of moissanite cuts are dazzling cuts and crushed ice cuts.

Round Cut

Round-cut diamonds are a favorite among brides worldwide. Given that its form maximizes the fire of the diamond at the correct reflection of light, it’s no wonder that this is the reigning stone. Round, brilliant-cut diamonds are suitable for geometric settings for a more vintage appearance, two- and three-stone solitaires, and even solitaires. These diamonds are excellent for individuals who enjoy traditional styles, but if you lean toward the alternative, you might want to think about a cut that will only get seen on a few fingers.


The oval-cut stone has an extended, rounded form and is a somewhat different interpretation of the traditional round-cut stone. Because of this, an oval cut can have the same brightness and sparkle as a round cut. If you want a stone that lengthens your fingers, this is the ideal gemstone form for you. The oval cut has gained popularity recently as more people choose it for its flawless fusion of classic and modern.

Emerald cut

The emerald cut is the best choice for moissanite rings. Vintage culture enthusiasts adore it. This form’s long facets give forth brilliant, constant flashes. It alludes to the fact that it contains a lot of sparkles and is the best choice for individuals who like glitter. The windmills to emerald-cut moissanite rings create the appearance of four windmill blades spreading from the corners to the center of the stone.

Radiant Cut 

This stone’s timeless appeal and custom-made character will appeal to those who don’t want to go too far from the traditional forms. Because it has eight corners, the likelihood of chipping gets reduced, and it lacks the sharp edges of a princess-cut diamond. You might not have a large selection of stones in this form to pick from because it’s also relatively uncommon.

Cushion Cut

Cushion-cut stone forms have been popular since the 18th century and with good reason. This gemstone form is prized for having a pillow-like look and has bowed-out sides with softly rounded edges. 


The cushion cut is ideal for a bigger stone because it has more facets than other cuts, allowing more light to penetrate the stone and shimmer. The elements on the underside of the ring produce a sophisticated “crushed ice” look as the light travels through, making cushion cut rings the ideal option for a Moissanite engagement ring.

Square cut

A princess-cut Another term for this square moissanite is moissanite stone. This form has faceted to draw attention to its distinctive and untamable brightness. It is attractive and shimmers in a lovely way. As a result, depending on the quality you choose, it is also reasonably priced.

Pear Cut

This distinctive design is ideal for vintage lovers who follow their own rules and believe that two are better than one. Pear-shaped diamonds tend to look larger than they are since more of the stone gets seen from the top perspective; if size is important to you, this cut is a terrific option. These rings are more durable in bezel or half-V settings because of the shape’s sharp tip, which makes them ideal for those situations. 

Heart cut

This modern cut has a feminine form that looks wonderful as a solitaire on a simple ring or in a more ornate setting for the hopeless romantic. Due to this cut, you can wind up spending extra for the labor involved in achieving the symmetry and brilliance that make a heart-shaped stone glow. 


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