Must-Visit Donut Shops in Charlotte


Donut shops are an American tradition, offering delicious flavors, great sweetness, and fresh, springy dough that can keep you going through the worst part of the day.  Thankfully, if you’re in Charlotte, you’re near some of the best donut shops in the country.

These are the top destinations you should check out the moment you’re craving a donut in Charlotte!

Duck Donuts

This classic donut shop is there to make sure every single bite is better than the last.  Rather than batch-baking everything first thing in the morning and feeding customers stale ones by noon, Duck Donuts offers made-to-order cake donuts and delicious topped snacks all day.  Tourists say they caught themselves coming back multiple times during short stays, and locals say this is a restaurant they have to try to avoid if they want their diets to stick!  

Reigning Doughnuts

If you want a sugar burst to help you get through a full day of looking at Charlotte houses for sale, it’s time to head to Reigning Doughnuts!  The fun environment of a walk-up roadside window means they cut costs on a storefront and get to offer some of the most affordable and delicious donuts out there.  No-frills, but lots of flavors, you’ll love their unique monthly combinations and concoctions! 

Pepperbox Doughnuts

If you haven’t had Pepperbox Doughnuts yet, you’re missing out!  These thick and spongy donuts are a sweet way to make anyone’s day a lot better.  With fantastic deals, beautiful decorations on the donuts, and a large range of flavors to match anyone’s tastes, you’ll never want to leave.  Their coffee is the perfect pair to every taste, offering a rich depth against the sugary highs. 

Your Mom’s Donuts

This restaurant works hard to bring donuts that taste like a loved one made just for you.  In a walk-up or drive-up window, this tiny shop doesn’t seem like the type of place that would offer so many kinds of donuts, but let it surprise you!  Their unique square donuts ensure they don’t waste a bit of doubt, and you get large portions per meal!  The fantastic flavors and combinations will have you coming back time and time again. 

Sugar Donut

Although every donut is a sugar donut: there’s nothing quite like a Sugar Donut!  This restaurant in Charlotte makes donuts into a work of art, even offering a sugar cookie donut that’s like a donut sandwich of sweetness!  

Their fun combinations, delicious flavors, and attention to detail have won over the hearts of locals.  Many even come just for their coffee and cinnamon rolls!  These donuts are to die for, so if you’re in the area, make sure to stop in!  No diet is worth missing out on Sugar Donuts when you’re in town.

Donuts Are the Best Way to Start Any Day

The sugary sweetness, incredible variety, and awesome pairing with coffee make donuts one of the most popular breakfast foods out there.  If you’re in Charlotte and want to make the most out of your morning, check out one of these breakfast spots! 


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