New Apple products in 2021

New Apple products

This year, Apple launched many technical items, among them the Apple Watch 7, new iPads, the third generation AirPods and lately the iPhone 13. In this article, we give you an overview about the new products and their qualities and about the devices and new apple products which are to be launched next year. 

4 iPhones in one year

In mid-September, Apple introduced new iPhones – iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone ProMax and iPhone 13 pro. The first two mentioned products are available in pink, blue, black, white and rose. iPhone 13 ProMax and Pro are provided in the colours graphite, gold, silver, and blue silver. Sadly, a new iPhone SE is not part of the product palette yet. According to experts, the product series will be expanded in the first half of 2022, the iPhone SE being one of them. The high contrast of the display and fast 5G internet affect that new Apple products, especially the iPhone, are perfect for creating notes at the university, watching movies on longer train journeys and also for games. If you`re not into classics like Angry Birds or Fortnite you might place a bet on your favorite sports team. The best betting sites offer betting on sports, horse racing and even esport competitions are available and promise a thrilling evening at home or wherever you are with your iPhone. Due to optimized browsers and apps, mobile sports betting with the new iPhone functions fine on platforms like 

Apple Watch Series 7

The Apple Watch 7 is also part of the new product spectrum which Apple brought on the market this year. However, experts claim that few aspects actually changed and were improved compared to the former model. The most obvious difference is the large display (either 41 or 45 mm) and the narrowed edges. Accordingly, the depiction of text improved – more words and tokens fit on the screen. Moreover, no new Apple Watch SE was launched yet. As a cheap alternative for the Apple Watch 7, Apple keeps the former model just like the Apple Watch Series 3 in the product range. 

AirPods 3- New Apple products

Originally, fans were waiting for the AirPods Pro 2, the luxurious version of Apple’s in ear headphones. However, the second generation of AirPods was not introduced this year but will probably arrive on scene in 2022. Instead, the AirPods 3 (officially: AirPods 3. generation) were launched. The price and sound quality ranks between their predecessors and the AirPods Pro which can still be found in the assortment. Compared to the Pro version, they mainly lack active noise cancelling. But the design is almost identical, the biggest visual difference being the missing silicone attachments. Another new feature is that the charging case can be charged wirelessly via MagSafe. The battery life is also slightly longer than in the second generation, and the new AirPods now support “Spatial Audio” and offer “Adaptive EQ”. 

New tablets- New Apple products

In April, Apple introduced the new iPad Pro. Being much larger than its predecessor model, the new iPad offers a mini-LED display, resulting in a high-contrast image. Another improvement is the efficient M1-chip which is already part of several mac books. In September, new products joined the assortment: the new iPad mini and iPad. The iPad mini features more efficiency and got a new but recognizable design, resembling a smaller version of the iPad air. The new iPad looks like the previous one. Basically, Apple improved the interior constructions and its functions. 

MacBook and iMac

After serious security issues were reported, Apple is trying to improve the image of the MacBook. Hence, the new MacBook Pro is equipped with the strongest set of chips: the M1 pro and the M1 Max, providing an increased performance. The MacBook Pro 14 and MacBook Pro 16 both use these chips which set up a huge power difference to the Windows Notebooks. Moreover, for the first time in several years, Apple redesigned the MacBook Pro. Featured with a 120 Hz refresh rate and narrower edges of the display as well as the return to the SD card slot and the MagSafe charger connection, the MacBookPro unites new qualities and design with classical construction methods. The MacBook Air will be launched only next year. However, the all-in-one computer iMac received its first comprehensive redesign in almost ten years. This resulted in narrower screen edges than before, a large color selection, and the superior performance of the M1 chip. The new iMac is available in seven colors.


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