New Level of Business Success: What Can Tech Companies Learn from the Gaming Industry?


Everyone seems to want to start a business these days, but around 18.4% of businesses fail within the first year. Even joining an established business doesn’t seem to be any safer. Plus if you want to start a business in the growing tech industry, good luck. You’ve got competition!

The good news is that there are a lot of resources and lessons you can learn in the world of business. You can learn from failures and emulate successes, even from unlikely sources. For example, most technology companies can learn from the gaming industry. 

The gaming industry not only sells a lot of technology, but it also manages to keep a massive number of fans coming back year after year. People can’t wait for the brand-new releases and new consoles after all! They know how to keep customers coming back, so you might as well see what lessons you can learn from them! 

Safety First For Customers

Many online casinos are putting a lot of effort into making sure that their players and the actions the players take are private. Especially for those casinos using cryptocurrency and Bitcoin. But the biggest tactic that online casinos are using to protect the players is encryption. Moreover, many companies have pushed the boundaries, creating anonymous crypto casino platforms for better safety.

In general, encryption has lots of benefits: It scrambles all of the data between the player’s computer and the casino servers. So if anyone does manage to break through the security and intercept the data, they will be unable to read it. But while the data is encrypted, if the casino uses blockchain technology that isn’t. Instead, players can see and track their winnings and the money they are betting, seeing where it goes in real time. 

This makes it so players don’t need to worry about where their money is or wait weeks for everything to process. Instead, they can see their cash and can remove their winnings without any delay.

Focus On Marketing Different Aspects of The Product

If you have ever looked at the trailers for video games, you know that each trailer covers something different. There might be one trailer that shows gameplay footage of the combat. Another trailer is more cinematic and shows off the characters and story. Then there is that trailer that makes the viewer feel like the hero of the world.

Each of these trailers can appeal to a different type of gamer. Some people will suffer through terrible gameplay for an amazing story, and vice versa. The different types of trailers show off different aspects of the product. Then each of these different trailers will connect to a different member of the gaming audience. 

There is no reason why your business couldn’t do the same thing! Focus on three or four key features your piece of tech brings to the table. Then talk about each feature in its trailer and watch as customers who love each feature, rush to buy your product. While you might want to save time and money by cramming everything into one trailer, even the longest trailer just won’t have enough time for everything.

Instead, split up your marketing and release trailers in installments to build hype and excitement for your product.

Focus On Good UI and UX

UI and UX (user interface and user experience) are just as important as graphics and gameplay. Having clunky interfaces and countless menus will sap the fun out of even the best games. Plus, these problems are everywhere, including in modern games. That’s why so many gamers complain when the game actively works against their enjoyment.

Games need a good user experience and interface to keep people playing. The same goes for technology. Anything piece of technology you design, from the simple to the complex, needs to be intuitive, although some professional opinions might disagree with this concept. That’s how you get people to never put your product down!

Analyze Your Data

After any successful launch, it is number-crunching time. Many gaming companies don’t just focus on the number of games sold, but also on who is playing what. What classes are the most popular? Which quests are played the most? How many features of the game are players interacting with?

Then they use all of the player data to fix bugs and make a much better experience for everyone. Your tech company needs to ask similar questions post-launch because the more data you gather the more you will be able to update and improve your product.

Don’t Be Afraid To Learn Lessons

The biggest mistake businesses can make is that they aren’t willing to learn from others and ask for help. If you want your tech company to grow without suffering the same pitfalls that other businesses have, you need to be able to ask for help and emulate what has made other businesses so successful. Then you can reach that success for yourself!


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