Nixon Watches of Malaysia Can Define the Inner You

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These days, there is much less emphasis on an office “uniform” of a suit and tie than there used to be. This goes along with the gradual looking toward youth to lead the way in business through innovation to drive the new economyBut the company employees feel may change from day to day, as the needs of your job change, and the new attitude in the workplace appreciates this reality too. You may feel perfectly at home in formal business attire to chair a major meeting with investors in the morning. But you’re happy to change into comfortable jeans and a t-shirt to join a brainstorming session in the afternoon as well. Working and dressing like this is how you feel most comfortable, and more importantly, how you feel most productive.   Nixon Watches in Malaysia understands your need for freedom from the status quo to function at your best and roll with the everchanging demands of the business world. They created an entire line of watches for men and women that help you exercise your right to express yourself in whatever environment and whatever type of attire you find yourself in. 

Trend Towards a Productive Business Environment

Everything in business is reflecting this trend. The office décor pays less attention to status-seeking corner offices, and you may find the president of the company working alongside other employees in an open-plan office. People also feel more comfortable about expressing who they are in the work environment without being judged because of it. Being an individual means you have original ideas that may help the organisation reach their goal, and you should be proud of it. 

Efficiency experts noticed a curious thing occurring in the offices that took this bold initiative in the beginning. The productivity not only improved, but that productivity was more valuable to the company. It included better ideas than ever before that helped improve the organisation’s bottom line dramatically. As the lines of the office hierarchy continued to become blurred, another revelation occurred. The employees started caring less about their status within the organisation and more about the organisation’s direction.  

As you couldn’t judge what role a person served in the organisation by their clothes or workspace, the office became a much more relaxed place to be. And people do their best work when they’re not worrying about office politics. 

In Malaysia, Nixon Watches is happy to play a part in this new evolution in business. Their designers are well aware that their creations may spark some creative ideas in the minds of innovators and dreamers that will lead to the “next big thing” in the business world. 

This realisation that company employees working like automatons wasn’t producing the desired results came as a shock to the more traditionally-minded business people. But for the forward-thinking employees that are the main drivers of this astonishing revelation in the business world, they’re just offering what they knew they could provide all along, as long as they were comfortable and could just be themselves. 


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