Offshore Corporate Account: Opt for Belize

Offshore Corporate Account: Opt for Belize

Are you looking for a jurisdiction to open an offshore bank account for your company? Or maybe you have doubts and are considering different onshore jurisdictions or even thinking of setting up an account back home. We know that there are too many offers available and too many factors to take into account which complicates the final choice. International Wealth experts are ready to help you free of charge to pick an appropriate jurisdiction and bank.

This post is devoted to Belize, a really good Caribbean jurisdiction that offers good banking, high privacy standards, and enhanced asset protection regulations. We are going to offer a bank in Belize that will give all the best you can take from Belize banking (we will refer to it as the Bank). You can read much more information on offshore banking account in Belize on our portal and discover other destinations as well.

And if you need a qualified banking specialist, you can find them on the International Wealth portal to ask questions, book a free session we mentioned above, or order paid services connected with account or company opening – and much more. We have a reliable infrastructure in place (like cooperation with banks, local offices and agents, and so on) to help you get an account or a company online in the most popular destinations.

Can Any Company Open an Account in Belize?

Belize is open to the majority of companies that wish to use the banking services of the jurisdiction. Still, the country keeps its reputation to a certain standard, so it imposes some limitations on the companies it is ready to onboard.

Limitation by the Jurisdiction of Incorporation

You cannot open a bank account in Belize in 2023 if your company is registered in Cambodia, Crimea, Myanmar, Cuba, or Tunisia (see a full list of countries on our portal).

Limitation by the Type of Activity

The Bank we propose will not set up a corporate account for companies that deal with politics, prescription drugs, gambling, cryptocurrency, pornography, or weapons. If you are on this list, you will simply have to choose another bank.

Why is Belize a Good Banking Destination?

Belize is really impressive if we look at the banking opportunities it offers in detail. Let’s see the main features that will be available to you:

  • Enjoy Ample Legal Protection. Depositors usually want to know how well their assets will be protected. Let us give you one example. You probably know that the higher the liquidity ratio, the more reliable the bank is. Belize requires its banks to maintain a liquidity ratio of 24%, while US banks offer 5%. It means that your funds will be kept in a very safe place!
  • Minimum deposits are not very high. There are countries that require to keep at least 10,000 US dollars on the account to ensure it is operational. However, Belize is not one of these as you can open an account with a few hundred dollars on it. This is good news for those who do not like their funds being entangled anywhere.
  • Easy setup and managing of accounts. You will easily pass all checks (that are available in the Bank as it complies with international requirements) if you make it clear in your documents that you are not going to engage in any dubious activities. Our experts will give you recommendations on preparing the documents. As soon as your account is operational, you will get access to convenient online platforms and mobile apps to easily monitor and manage the funds on your account.
  • High level of privacy. In most cases, the Bank will even refuse to confirm that you have an account with it – let alone disclose any details of it. There is only one case when the information has to be provided to third parties: a grounded request from law enforcement authorities connected with possible legal proceedings being instituted against your company.
  • Economic and political stability. The political and economic situation in Belize remained stable even in the face of world crises, and it shows no signs of deterioration. It means that your money will be as safe as possible.
  • Diverse investment opportunities. If you are planning to make investments, you can take advantage of the opportunities offered by the local or international real estate, stock, bonds, or foreign exchange market.
  • No language barriers. The bank employees will easily provide you support in English as Belize is a former British colony and English is an official language of the country.
  • Creditors will not get your money. Even if a lawsuit is filed against your company and it is won by the opponent, your Belize accounts will be safe in most cases. The local courts do not recognize the decisions of foreign courts, so the creditors will need to start it all over again and win the case in Belize.

Belize has taken a lot of efforts to make its banking system attractive to non-residents, and it has excelled in it. You can now enjoy the fruits of its labor.

Most Popular Banking Products

Customers usually need cards and accounts, so we will discuss these opportunities here. However, you can ask our experts about any other products you are interested in, and in most cases they are available.

VISA Prepaid Cards

Obtain a VISA card from the Belize Bank to be able to:

  • Make settlements in any country of the world where VISA cards are accepted
  • Transfer the money to another card
  • Use any ATM around the world to withdraw cash
  • Top up the card for the amount of up to 20,000 US dollars

You will pay a fee of USD 50 annually to keep your card operational.

Bank Accounts

The following bank accounts will be available to you:

  • Fixed-rate deposit
  • Corporate on-demand deposit account (for standard transactions)

The most popular currencies are available: US dollars, British pounds, Swiss francs, euros, and Canadian dollars.

Belize is an attractive offshore jurisdiction where your money will be safe and you will enjoy world-class banking services at reasonable fees. If you need to ask questions about banking or open a bank account on a guaranteed basis hassle-free, please follow the above link to our portal and get in touch with our specialists.


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