One of the Best: Resident Evil

Resident Evil

Has a game ever left a great impression on you so much that you still remember playing it years later? There are three things gamers look for: story, game mechanics, and artwork. Let’s take a closer look at these three aspects to determine just what makes a video game great. There are so many good games to play. However, we shine a spotlight on one of the longest-running game franchises, Resident Evil. 

Resident Evil is a Japanese horror video game brought to us by Capcom. Its story is centered on viral and biological disasters that bring the dead back to life. We’re talking about zombies in all of their glory. It was released in 1996 by making a debut on the PlayStation. Now, let’s look at what makes Resident Evil so good that it keeps winning people over generation after generation.

Storyline of Resident Evil

Everyone loves a good story—so do gamers. A unique, entertaining, and immersive tale draws in gamers. We want something that engages us mentally and emotionally. That’s why when gamers choose a video game to play, they look at what it’s all about first. 

The Resident Evil franchise offers one of the most immersive and challenging storylines in the gaming industry. It has brought forth humanity’s deep-seated fear of the consequences of raising the dead: zombies. The whole franchise is packed with action and gore—with all the blood, guts, and glory that you can get from battling reanimated corpses. 

Take, for example, Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. The original game was released in 1999, followed by an excellent 2020 remake. The story is set in the progressive city of Raccoon, where we follow the escape of Jill Valentine, a member of Raccoon City’s elite Special Tactics and Rescue Service.

Why does she need to escape? For one, the city is overrun by walking virus-infected cannibalistic corpses. Two, the game’s final boss, Nemesis, is relentlessly following her trail. Three, the city is about to be blown to smithereens as part of the government’s solution to an impending zombie apocalypse. 

The storyline is immensely compelling, and its fans still remember how the game plays out almost 20 years later. 

Game Mechanics

A gamer enjoys a challenge, and for a video game to truly capture his or her attention, the gameplay must be as excellent as the story. This means that the game mechanics must be interactive, fun, and engaging. 

The game mechanics of the Resident Evil franchise cover various rules that make it such a good action game. Its combat mechanics have changed over the years, and although the game doesn’t do an excellent job at teaching you the game mechanics, it still riles up us like kids learning how to ride a bicycle for the first time. 

Resident Evil 5 takes the cake for having the best game mechanics. The game was released in 2009, which follows Agent Redfield’s mission to eliminate Albert Wesker. What makes this the best in gameplay out of the entire franchise is the variety, sequence, and enjoyability of its puzzles, bosses, and zombie hordes. Many fans consider this the most memorable and enjoyable of all versions.


Artwork is one of the heaviest criteria for a good video game. It brings to life an incredible story and facilitates how smooth the game mechanics can get. The unrivaled 2021 Resident Evil Village is the most beautiful in the entire horror series, featuring top-edge animation by the RE Engine, a gaming engine developed by Capcom with revolutionized graphical and rendering techniques. The graphics are so good that the team was able to create hyper-realistic human skin. 

The game is so beautifully made that players can get attached to evil bosses in the guise of beautiful women. For example, players worldwide have been simping for Lady Alcina Dimitrescu, a powerful and alluring mutant human the size of a polar bear and the first boss of Resident Evil Village. It doesn’t matter that she can cut you to shreds even before transforming. Her character has certainly made a mark on the hearts of many players. 

The Resident Evil Franchise has been growing from its inception, but 2021has raised everybody’s expectation of the game’s storyline, gameplay, and cinematics. However, before you even begin your survival journey, make sure you have the right gaming computer ready. The franchise also runs on PS4 and Xbox, with each game requiring different minimum specifications. 

We’ve been watching the gaming industry evolve for decades, but some games will always remain close to our hearts. The Resident Evil Franchise will always be one of them. 


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