Online Casinos: A Guide To The Strategies and Winning Bonuses! 


Whether you are an avid gamer or not, you have seen the heightened popularity of online casinos since the pandemic lockdown engulfed the world. In fact, the concept of ‘visiting and playing in a casino luxuriously’ has almost been negated (though it is still quite prevalent in parts), and the plethora of online games has increased significantly in the meantime. Though everyone might seem to know everything about casino games, strategies, and winning bets, that is far from the truth. 


In this digital write-up, we will once again help you recall some of the critical strategies surrounding these games, why bonuses have become so crucial in current times, and how AI has influenced the essence of these casinos. 


What are the top betting strategies for casinos? 


With so many online casinos claiming to give you some cool money, what most people don’t get is that things are not that easy. Though the platforms have increased, and so have the variety of games, it is crucial to note that the correct set of strategies is the key to success. 

In this section, you will get some of the top tricks that will surely win the game for you – 

  • The Fibonacci System 


The world-famous system follows the 1/1/2/3/5/8/13/21/34 format – this one follows the pattern of setting one bet equal to the previous two bets. In this way, for every loss, you will get double gain – and at the end, you will find that you have not only returned the original amount but also won a margin. 

  • The Martingale System 


This is all about doubling the bets! With every new bet, you double the game, and even if you lose in the first couple of chances – following this trick will amplify your ultimate wins, and you will recover even the initial amount. So, it is time to bankroll your amount and win up a big amount! 

  • The Gambler’s Fallacy


You may have heard of this trick – if not, here’s how it goes: if you expect an event to occur, and it fails, then it will probably occur more in the future. So, when you are playing craps or roulettes, every single spin will decide the game. So, the concept of predetermined results is negated – and you can change the strategy as and when you like. In doing so, you get to play multiple levels of the same game with different tricks. 


  • The Paroli System 


Compared to the above-mentioned systems, this might not be the one for short games. But in terms of long games, there’s no beating this! This system uses the standard 1/2/3/6 format; the winning wagers are predetermined in this case, and the wager is set depending on that. The crux of this game is – the restarting of the game! Technically, the bets placed are in a 1:1 format, and if played along the correct strategic format – against a win of 12 credits, you lose only 1 credit. So, whether you win the marked ‘4 games in a row’ or not, assuredly, the last payout will be yours! 


Try any of these tricks, and assuredly, you will win quite high payouts! That’s not all; if done well, then you might also get a chance for an extended play. 


How are bonuses propelling the game? 


For the record, ideal betting strategies are not enough to win a casino game. You need more! More of what? Bonuses!! From welcome ones to no-deposit ones to reloading ones, there are many of them for you to check out if you wish to win really big. In fact, if you have heard people winning really high, then it is all thanks to bonuses (apart from correct betting tricks). 


Let’s give you an insight into the bonuses that fetch you the highest returns – 


  • The No-Deposit ones: As per the name, those returns do not require any investment against the bonuses given. Though these are introductory ones, they can win you a payout if you play correctly. 
  • The Reload ones: This one is given only to patrons in exchange for an investment. The best part is that the bonus amount does not depend on the investment you made but rather concentrates on retaining you as a customer. 
  • The Welcome ones: As the name suggests, this is a complimentary bonus that the casino extends to welcome you to join the casino universe. 


Now, the noteworthy factor is that if you can use them well, all these bonus points bring forth a range of monetary benefits. Some of these help you amplify your position in this game, while others save you from a complete washout by at least giving you back a minimal payout. 


There have been more than a singular instance of customers using this correctly, winning more for the casino and thereby getting loyalty points and reserved cash to pay. It’s time you use the strategies mentioned earlier well and become a hit machine – since that would immediately lead you to be the star player amidst the casinos! 


How AI has powered this game? 


This is another feature that you are perhaps aware of, so let’s just help you give a glimpse of it here. From analyzing gaming behavior to predicting the winning sides to tailoring bonuses based on an individual’s playing history – AI seems to have done it all! 


What’s more? AI has significantly improved the customer service associated with online casinos and heightened security levels, thereby reducing the chances of fraudulence (the number of fraud activities has reduced significantly). 


Thus, the way AI has empowered online casinos and credibly going ahead to fill up the backlogs, undoubtedly, the overall AI-backed gaming experience will enhance in the upcoming years. 


Concluding thoughts 


With the variety of games almost doubling and correct strategizing taking the forefront, without a doubt, the popularity of online casinos is going nowhere. In fact, with time, it will only increase and perhaps open up a new range of games and bonus categories that are now restricted. Having said that, as an individual, you must cross-check the security associated with these casinos, their reputation, and other key factors before signing up for their game. Play intelligently and albeit – you will earn points like never before! 



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