Parents Love Online Coding Classes for Kids for These Reasons


Our tech-driven world is changing perhaps faster than ever. The smartphone revolution was over a decade ago, but its apps and software are improving vastly. Now, video games make more money than Hollywood.

It’s generally understood that parents want their children prepared for the workforce they’ll face when they become adults. However, that’s far from the only reason why more parents than ever are enrolling their kids in online coding classes. Let’s check out a few other reasons.

1. It’s Fun

If kids take nothing practical away from online coding classes and merely have a great time, that’s reason enough to join! Kids need a break after school, and they all deserve a joyous childhood. 

That’s why industry-leading programming courses put video games at the centre of what they do. When your child takes weekly classes with RP4K, they’ll learn to make their own video games, ones they can play with friends and family.

They’ll be driven to complete their work so they can play and show off their games to their peers. When kids genuinely have fun learning, that’s when they’re most likely to absorb the material. Look for a program that uses gamification dynamics so sessions are as engaging as playing video games. 

2. Important Mental Habits

Online coding classes teach kids how to write code in the languages powering today’s most popular websites, apps, and video games. Employers look for these specific skill sets.

However, your child will learn helpful habits of mind that they can apply down the road even if they’re not in a tech or STEM-related subject. Learning how to code involves thinking and problem-solving like an engineer.

Not only do they get better at tackling logical problems, but they also learn vital lessons about life. For example, engineers regard mistakes as necessary thing, providing vital information about what doesn’t work. In other words, making a mistake isn’t something to beat yourself up over. 

Such a lesson can really help improve a child’s self-esteem.

3. Coding Languages Are Languages

Even though they’re called “coding languages,” people don’t tend to categorize French or Spanish differently than, say, JavaScript. Coding languages each have their own type of underlying logic and rules. 

Learning a new coding language exercises the same mental muscles needed to learn any other spoken or written language. 

4. Safe and Convenient

Finally, you won’t have to drag your kid across town or worry about them commuting alone safely. Online coding classes take place in the safest and most convenient place possible: your own home.

Parents do a lot of driving to take their kids to appointments, social gatherings, and things like that. They’ll be grateful for one less place to travel to. 

Many parents want their children in online coding classes to prepare them for countless jobs involving programming. They may not become a professional video game developer one day. Even still, there are many other ways they could benefit, and at the very least, parents will love the smile on their child’s face. 


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