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Before a construction or renovation project can get underway, a homeowner or contractor will need to excavate the site whether there is a new structure being built, maybe a retaining wall added or utility line installation, perhaps an addition to an existing house. Regardless of the size of the project, trusted, well-qualified, and established companies like Peden Industries understand that the excavation process is crucial to the overall success of each step that follows. If the excavation is handled poorly, the remainder of the project will usually falter. Hiring a reputable contractor to get the project started instead of choosing to DIY the critical component is essential to avoid problems further down the road. How can you ensure each phase of your excavation is smooth and straightforward? Let’s look at a few steps meant to make the process simple.

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How Will You Ensure Your Excavation Project Is A Success

A lot of times, homeowners like to take on heavy remodels or renovations in a DIY capacity, whether it’s a new addition to their house, putting an outbuilding in the garden, or establishing a retaining wall. In any event, the first step is always preparing the ground or excavating. Getting this step precise is crucial to the outcome of the project. If this is done poorly, the end result will usually be dire. Learn expert tips for digging at Many people choose to hire a well-established, qualified contractor like those with Peden Industries. A company like this will handle a job of any size with a quality result, so you can then proceed with the remaining steps of your project confidently. Here are a few tips to help you reach your goals if you need to forge ahead with your DIY effort.

  • Outline the site to be excavated

The dig site boundaries need to be outlined quite simply so you remain within the project area and don’t venture out of bounds, so to speak. It’s also the best way to ensure you’re creating straight borders. Without establishing the outline, it’s less likely you’ll remain on a straight path. ( Also, when there are distinct markings, it distinguishes for the utility company where you’ll be digging. These lines should stand out with either fluorescent or white paint, white stakes, or flags. Go here for details on construction site excavation processes.

  • Do you have approval for your dig

The utility company in your location needs to provide approval for any digging you plan to do. This is so they can ensure there are no lines beneath the surface where you intend to work.

  • Pay attention for erosion

Once you establish the project boundaries, a priority aside from maintaining optimum safety standards is managing “stormwater run-off” inside the perimeters. An inspector will lock the project down if you have no method for site erosion management. The suggestion for this is to create a “silt fence” after removing the topsoil layer. Without this mitigation methodology, you will probably watch as the soil washes away with storms resulting in severe problems in the work zone.

  • Good weather should be used to your benefit

Excavation is reliant on good weather meaning anyone needing to dig should take advantage of this sort of day by getting as much of it taken care of as possible. If you don’t use the weather when you have a good day, you could go through a stretch where you can’t dig at all, creating delays in the work.

Final Thought

If you’re a homeowner trying to organize a remodel or place an outbuilding in the garden or even add a small retaining wall, any project, whether large or small, will start with preparing the ground. It’s not recommended that this part of a project be handled in a DIY capacity precisely because if the dig is done poorly, it will result in a faulty outcome for the entire job. Find tips on excavation projects in the home garden at

A trusted, experienced excavation resource like Peden Industries will ensure that you have a quality site, so the remaining steps fall into place meticulously. Even if you must do the work, a priority should be to at least consult with one of these experts. Their knowledge will equate to your success.


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