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In January 2020, prominent music artist Mad Max Money Talk released his latest single HMI – Haitian Music Industry on all his music media platforms. Soon after, his music video on YouTube became famous among his fan following. Let’s see why people are loving Mad Max Money Talk’s new music video HMI.

Haitian Music Industry is a song that is very close to the singer’s heart. It represents his home country and love for music from a young age. Born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Mad Max Money Talk grew up in a culture that was rich in music.

After the unfavorable events that Haiti has been through, music is a bond that the people share in rejoicing and celebrating their independence. Hence, their Creole Rap and Haitian Hip Hop music is a symbol of individuality rather than just a music genre.

Latest Music Video HMI Goes Viral

The HMI music video premiered on YouTube on Jan 19, 2020. Since then, he gained thousands of views which only added to his current fan following and hype. With tons of encouraging comments and shares, Mad Max Money Talk was successful in delivering hit music for his fans to enjoy.

Haitian Music Industry was produced by Mr. Jay, and the music video was produced by Mr. Benz. According to an insider comment, Mad Max Money Talk states, “It was effortless to record the song because we kept things simple. It is pretty easy and cool when I am speaking from the heart.”

The three-minute music video holds several picturesque scenes featuring Mad Max Money Talk as himself. His upbeat music and catchy tune are what make this song incredible. The crisp editing and scene-to-scene transitions deliver a high-quality production that anyone would surely enjoy.

As a music artist, Mad Max Money Talk has a knack for keeping things simple. His music and lyrics come through strong without the need for theatrics or pompous video props. With his song Haitian Music Industry, his main focus is to get his message across to his fans to fulfill its purpose.

Meaning Behind Hit Single HMI

Mad Max Money Talk’s single Haitian Music Industry holds a lot of meaning regarding the change that Mad Max Money Talk wants to see.

He comments, “My song Haitian Music Industry or HMI is all about what’s going on with the music business in Haiti. Sadly, it has a lot of things that need to be fixed. I felt like I had to say something as, for some reason, other artists don’t really talk about it. I had to put it out there for the government to the musicians; we need to change the HMI. I’m tired of artists making great music hit records and not making money. Most certainly, we need unity and love within each other.”

The song is an appeal to his fellow Haitian music artists for elevating the Haitian Music Industry. Mad Max Money Talk firmly believes that the Haitian Music Industry can compete with any other music industry in the world. The Western music industry provides a platform for artists of any gender and age, which helps them gain popularity worldwide. However, talented music artists in Haiti and Caribbean Islands do not have the same opportunity due to the country’s tumultuous history.

Mad Max Money Talk hopes that in the future Haitian music artist will also have the representation that other music artists have worldwide. Many Haitian music artists have come and gone without proper recognition, opportunities, funding, collaborations, or a worldwide platform.

Undoubtedly, the country has several talented music artists with the best cultural music but fewer resources and accessibility. Mad Max Money Talk considers himself lucky to have his own record label studio ‘Mad Records’ in Florida. This helps him produce the songs he loves to put out into the world for people to listen to.

Most of his music is in Haitian Hip Hop and Creole. As a Haitian music artist, Mad Max Money Talk wants to make Creole known worldwide. Even though a significant chunk of his fan base speaks English, he continues to make music in Creole, which keeps his work close to home and promotes the language.

Mad Max Money Talk’s Hit Songs & Album

Mad Max Money Talk has released several music hit singles since 2013, like ‘The Club,’ ‘Mad Mad,’ ‘Konkou Lanmou,’ ‘Trouble Boy,’ and others. Through his music Mad Max Money Talk wants to make sure that Haitian music artists can also compete on an international music front on the basis of pure skill and talent.

In 2013, Mad Max Money Talk released his first album ‘Step Up Your Game’ with Blow Up Records. The album instantly up as listeners enjoyed his voice and fusion genre. The album has 16 tracks in total, with ‘Mad Mad’ as one of the most popular on the track list. Fans can stream the album on Spotify and iTunes music.

Famous Artist Collaborations

Mad Max Money Talk has collaborated with famous music artists such as Kolonel, Steeve Khe, Fantom, Trouble Boy Hitmaker, Dutty, and others. In the future, he hopes to collaborate with more music artists and make good music with them.

Mad Max Money Talk on Social Media

Since Mad Max Money Talk began his music career, he has been very active on social media platforms. He recently joined Tiktok, where he has more than 351,000 followers and 4 Million likes on his content. Other than Tiktok, Mad Max Money Talk has a significant following on Instagram as well. His consistent posts and engaging content have brought him to 198,000 followers in a pretty short time span.

In the future, Mad Max Money Talk aims to achieve more success in his music career so that he can give back to the Haitian Music Industry and help other Haitian music artists.

Madmax Money Talk Hit Single HMI: HMI by Madmax Moneytalk – YouTube


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