Prerequisites for Learning Hadoop

Prerequisites for Learning Hadoop

Technology has transformed its landscape. Today, whatever you can hear revolves around big names such as big data, cloud, AI, and data science. In the previous two years, Big Data has been active. And Hadoop is the first term that comes to mind when we talk about big data. No other big data processing solution has become so popular in the marketplace than this Apache-based open-source application. However, Hadoop is a developing sector, where features and ecosystems are continually updated and added. So, of course, the challenging question is, what are the prerequisites for learning a Hadoop introductory course?

What is Hadoop?

Hadoop is a Java-based programming framework mainly used to store and manage massive data collections in distributed systems. It is also an open-source framework and part of the Apache project.

Required Skill Sets for Learning Hadoop for Beginners

Hadoop and other big data stores will quickly develop new, innovative Hadoop solutions, which enterprises increasingly use. To provide better service and preserve their competitive edge, companies will recruit more Big Data analytics. It will open up capacities that are mind-blowing to coders and data scientists.

However, it is not compulsory to know how to comprehend Hadoop using the following technologies quickly. However, learning is the remedy for you if you are inexperienced with it. Take support from books, online materials, people with experiences, or take a course to pick them up and go on!

Let us now examine the technical skills required for Hadoop learning for beginners.

  1. Linux Operating System: The ideal option for Hadoop installation is Linux operating system and Ubuntu as server distribution. Thus, the editor functions like a wonder, making your life during Hadoop installation and file administration easier. But you can obtain an Ubuntu image and learn the characteristics by installing it in a virtual environment if you are a newbie.
  2. Programming skills: Hadoop is not limited to a specific job position and, based on this, handles multiple languages. A data analyst, for example, may have to know R or Python. In contrast, a Hadoop developer must learn Java or Scala. Thus, Hadoop is all related to a programming language. Therefore, learning Hadoop for beginners becomes simple with previous experience of any programming language. But, once again, Hadoop isn’t for a non-programmer. For example, many qualified Java experts are also learning R/Python from scratch. Moreover, training or mastering these languages is not a daunting task today, increasing Hadoop’s market needs.
  3. SQL knowledge: This is an area you must work on in Hadoop jobs, regardless of your future role. Everything about Hadoop is data handling and processing. Therefore, Apache Hadoop needs knowledge of the SQL query and commands. In addition, the Hadoop ecosystem offers several programs, such as Apache Hive, HBase, and Pig. Therefore, if there is no hands-on SQL query, use the MySQL workbench or other tools.
  4. Core Java: Advanced Java skill is an additional benefit for professionals who want to learn Hadoop but are not a precondition to know Hadoop. People are honored to have a prosperous career in Big Data, and Hadoop can start in Hadoop and spend a few hours learning basic java fundamentals. Hadoop allows developers to map and decrease functions from standard inputs and writing to standard outputs in their preferred language like Python, Perl, C, and Ruby. Besides this, Hadoop includes high-level abstraction tools like Pig and Hive that don’t need Java.

Understand the basics: Apache Hadoop is the stepping stone to learn

  • Step 1: Know the aim of learning

Stop for a bit and consider why Hadoop is so popular and usable in the technological industry before you start learning Hadoop as a novice. First, it helps you understand the core notion underlying the features of Hadoop.

  • Step 2: Find Hadoop components

Learn about the underlying Hadoop architecture. Next, try to grasp how architectures function using components such as HDFS, MapReduce, and yarn. Once this architecture is illustrated, it emphasizes the broader Hadoop ecosystem, meaning knowledge of various devices that work with Hadoop. The best method to get about is installing Hadoop and practicing to learn more about its practical elements.

  • Step 3: Theory – It is a must

You can’t move more without grasping the theory. Therefore, it is essential to acquire knowledge correctly following good books, articles, and case studies. Many fantastic books on the market are available that can assist you at all stages.

Demand for Hadoop

Hadoop nearly became synonymous with big data. The demand for Hadoop technology is not decreasing, even if it is quite a few years old. Hadoop professionals knowing the key components, like HDFS, MapReduce, Flume, Oozie, Hive, Pig, HBase, and YARN, are highly demanded.

According to the Big Data market outlook, it appears positive, and the trend will continue to advance over time. Therefore, the job trend or the market is not a short-term event as big data and technology will remain here. So, if you are a novice or an experienced expert, Hadoop can boost your job prospects.

Hurry up to learn Hadoop today!

Big Data proliferates and is already being incorporated in the banking, hotel, production, marketing, social media, healthcare, publicity, research, and e-commerce industries. Hadoop is a game-changer for all big data firms – making better choices with exact Big Data Analysis. The first step in building up a profession in big data is learning Hadoop. As mentioned above, there are no stringent conditions to begin to learn Apache Hadoop. Still, we should know some things before we delve deeply into Apache Hadoop. Then we addressed these conditions one at a time to understand where and how and where we will need them. Before we dive into Apache Hadoop, it will be nice to learn some or all of these requirements.

Developers should be attentive to producing creative solutions for every modern technology. You can take the best Hadoop courses online to get to know and know Hadoop. Choose the best possible options to become an expert in Hadoop!


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