How to Prevent Kids’ Distraction during Online Education in 2021?

Prevent Kids’ Distraction

How to Prevent Kids’ Distraction during Online Education in 2021? The pandemic has affected the whole world and education is no exception. Every school and college were completely closed, and this has resulted in an increase in online education. E-learning and e-learning platforms are growing very rapidly. E-learning has certainly made teaching and studying easy and possible from anywhere. The rise in technology certainly plays a huge role in the recent advancements in education and teaching methods. 

As we know there are two sides of a coin and online education comes has a lot of advantages, but it also comes with various challenges. Online education is a welcome change for students as well as teachers, but the most important thing is you need to be good with technologies. 

Possible Distraction during Remote Learning

Remote learning is very advantageous and offers flexibility, but it can be very difficult to focus while you are studying from home. Here, we have mentioned some of the problems and distractions that kids might face while remote learningang online educations.

1) External and Internal Distractions

While you are studying from home there can a lot of external distractions like someone doing some work around you, sound of doorbell & cooking, etc. It becomes very difficult at home to maintain a personal space because there are other people at home that are doing their work and that sometimes can cause distractions. Everyone is at home since a long time because of pandemic and this can have a huge impact on the mental health. Staying inside home for a longer period may lead to anxiety and depression. A lot of people have lost job in this pandemic and there are also various people getting sick. Hence, it can be very difficult for students to focus under such circumstances. All these things can be classified as external and internal distractions. 

2) Difficulties in Time Management

Earlier, when kids went to school then they need to focus on their work because there were teachers constantly monitoring them. With online education and remote learning there is no one monitoring kids and they can do whatever they want even when lecture is going on. Hence, kids spend less time on schoolwork, and this makes time management difficult for them. 

3) Difficult to Focus

Going to school was very advantageous as there were teachers that were constantly looking after the kids. Teachers used to make sure that the kids were paying attention in the class but that is almost impossible nowadays with remote learning and online education. In remote learning it becomes difficult for kids to focus and teachers do not know whether kids are attentive or not. Hence, there is no one that can help kids in focus or bring back their attention in remote learning. 

4) Not Enough Sleep

While kids are at home their schedule can easily get affected. When you are studying from home then your sleep schedule can easily get affected. Because in the morning you do not have to go to school, so you wake up till late at night. This will eventually result in disturbed sleep schedule and students won’t be able to concentrate properly in online classes.

5) No Break

While kids are at school, they get recess break or fun lectures like music or art class. But when they are at home, they do not get any breaks and they have to continuously focus on studies. It becomes difficult to pay attention and stay focused because they have to continuously sit at one place. Hence, breaks play an important role in keeping kids fresh throughout the day and stay focused throughout the lectures. 

Ways to Prevent Kids’ Distraction during Online Education

There are followings ways you can implement to prevent kids’ distraction during their online studies.

1) Set a Designated School Space

Setting up a space that is completely dedicated to studies can be hugely beneficial as it will minimize distractions. The most important thing is to continuously sit in the exact same spot as then you will get accustomed to it. Make sure to select the proper furniture because if you use couch and lap desks then it will affect your productivity and concentration. Choose a quiet space because if you are sitting in a living room or kitchen then there will be a lot of distractions. Hence, a designated school space is very important for proper concentration and attention.

2) Screen-time Arrangement

It is very common that during an online class kids might be using different applications on their phone. Teachers can never know what exactly kid is doing in an online class. Kids might be chatting with friends on social media platforms or watching videos on YouTube. So, to avoid this situation and make sure that kids are only paying attention in class parents can use parental control app. Tispy parental control app helps parents to know which applications kids are using throughout the day. So, parents can easily know the applications kids use and they can also block any application if it is harmful to kids.

3) Keep the Senses of Students Activated

While students are studying it can become very difficult to concentrate for a longer period and the concentration power of every student is also not the same. Parents should make sure that students are getting some time in between to refocus themself so they stay fresh and their concentration level does not drop. Students should be comfortable in their sitting position because if they are not comfortable then their concentration will break very often, and this will eventually affect their academic performance. 

4) Allow Kids to Take Regular Breaks

Taking short regular breaks can be beneficial for kids. If kids are taking regular breaks, then they it is less likely that they will use other applications on their mobile phones during online learning. It is extremely difficult for students to resist the temptation of using social media apps or playing games. Hence, if parents give regular breaks then students can focus on the online learning easily. If students are still using various applications during online class, then parents should use Tispy parental control app. With the help of Tispy app parents can instantly know if kids are using any application during online learning.

5) Create New Study Habits

Creating new study habits will minimize distractions and it will help you to make the most out of online learning. Make sure you turn off the unnecessary notification alerts as it will be help students to concentrate during the online learning. Writing down the goals or tasks for each day can be helpful in refocusing if kids get easily distracted. These are some of the habits that students can adopt during online learning to avoid distractions.

6) Create Daily Plan

Online learning can be very difficult because kids do not worry about completing their work. It gives them a sense of freedom as they are at home, they think they will do it whenever they want. So, to avoid distraction parents can create a plan every day. In the plan parents can mention what activities kids need to complete and by what time like homework, study, etc. This will increase the productivity of students and it will also give them enough time to relax. Creating a daily plan is an easy way to increase focus and avoid distractions. 

7) Restrict Screen-time

When students are at home then digital distractions are obvious. To avoid the digital distractions parents can restrict the screen-time usage. When students are doing homework or assignments then at that time parents can restrict the screen-time so that there are no digital distractions. With the help of Tispy parental control app parents can easily restrict the screen time usage. Limiting screen time will eventually lead to better sleep quality as kids would not spend a lot of time on their mobile phones. 

8) Keep Kids Engaged

Studying from home can be exhausting sometimes and that is why it becomes important to keep the kids engaged. Parents should make sure that kids are not feeling low. Occasionally they should plan fun activities with kids as it will make kids happy and motivated during these uncertain times. Parents can teach kids new things or work on a new art project together. This will lift the mood and keep kids engaged.

The Tispy parental control app can be very useful to prevent kids’ distraction. Parents can easily know all the apps that kids are using throughout the day on their mobile phones. If kids are spending more time on any other application that is harmful for them then parents can block such applications and prevent kids from getting distracted. The Tispy parental control app has a lot of features that gives the control of kids’ mobile phone in parents’ hand. Hence, it becomes easier for parents to prevent kids’ distraction during online learning.


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