Professional Data Recovery Services vs DIY Recovery Software: What to Choose?

Data Recovery Services

Probably everyone can remember a situation when important files were deleted for some reason. You may have accidentally clicked on the wrong button, or one of your relatives who can’t handle the computer deleted the information you need. The main thing is not to despair, because any information can be recovered. The memory system works like a tape recorder, so the complete information does not disappear from the media. It simply ceases to be displayed on the monitor and is considered by the system as information on which you can write new. Therefore, it is possible to restore it. There is a large list of advanced data recovery software and Data Recovery Services  that is used to analyze storage media and allow recovering any data. Thanks to them, you can easily restore lost files. A convenient interface and intuitive program management will allow you to easily understand how to recover lost information.

Please note that using programs is not the only way to restore lost data. You also have the opportunity to receive professional data recovery services. Practice shows that some best hard drive data recovery services are very popular today because they allow users to quickly and efficiently recover lost data. But what is better to choose: file recovery software or professional data recovery services? Read more about this below.

How Does DIY Recovery Software Work?

When using the software, keep in mind that no information can be returned after it has been overwritten. Therefore, you should not write anything to the repository until the last file is saved. Most data recovery apps use a metadata analysis algorithm, a RAW recovery, or a combination of these two methods:

  1. Metadata analysis. Hidden service information contained in the file system is called metadata. Metadata analysis allows the system to identify the underlying structures in the repository that track the location and properties of file contents and the directory hierarchy. Subsequently, this information is used to reproduce the damaged file;
  2. RAW recovery. If using metadata analysis fails to achieve the desired result, files are searched according to a known part of their content;
  3. A combination of methods. To recover lost files with maximum efficiency, the data recovery software can apply the above methods simultaneously during one scan procedure run for the repository.

There are many paid data recovery programs but still, you can find free versions that can give no worse results. However, the software will work only if the media itself remains physically intact. If there is any damage to the device, you should consult a specialist as soon as possible.

What Causes the Popularity of Professional Data Recovery Services?

Data recovery services are very popular today because specialists have in-depth knowledge and technical experience sufficient to deal with data loss from almost any device, regardless of its complexity. Quality services are provided to a variety of clients, including home computer users and small businesses, as well as large corporations, government, and educational institutions. Here is just a short list of work performed by professional experts:

  • HDD data recovery;
  • Data recovery from SSD;
  • Data recovery from RAID;
  • Data recovery from USB Flash;
  • Data recovery from Memory card;
  • Data recovery from Blu-ray / DVD / CD, etc.;

Thus, the use of both the best data recovery software and professional hard drive data recovery services is quite effective and reasonable. Which way to choose is up to you. If you have the time and energy to solve the problem yourself – solve it, if not – consult a specialist. However, keep in mind that information from physically damaged gadgets can only be recovered by professional experts.



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