React.js: Understanding and Advantages

React.js: Understanding and Advantages

React.js is an open source JavaScript programming language library for the interface creation. It helps to quickly and easily implement reactivity – the phenomenon when, in response to a change in one element, everything else changes.

Who uses React

React.js development services are used by front-end developers. In the MVC model, whose name stands for Model-View-Controller, the interface is a View, a view, an external display with which the user interacts, that part of the site or application that is visible to a person. Specialists who work with it, in particular, use React.js. Also, coders, testers and other specialists involved in creating web interfaces can work with React.

What is React for?

React is used to create single-page and multi-page applications, develop large sites. For example, with its help, the streaming service Netflix was written and the news feeds of the largest social networks were implemented.

Benefits of React


Many websites and applications are written in React. It is used by such large companies as Yandex, Uber, Sberbank, Avito, BBC, Airbnb, Netflix and others. Jobs are plentiful and they pay well even at entry levels.

Huge community

This is another consequence of the popularity: there are many React developers, including experienced ones, many of them write tutorials and articles, help beginners to join the development process. In the course of training, a beginner can always turn to thematic resources, where they will try to help him. The documentation is maintained and updated.

Developed ecosystem

The creators of React actively encouraged users to invest in the development of the project, and enthusiasts wrote their technologies to share with the library. As a result, a whole ecosystem has now formed: dozens of libraries and other tools that can be used in development. This makes the process simpler and easier, allows you to solve a huge number of tasks.

Ease of creation

With the help of project components, you can quickly and easily assemble an interactive, responsive to any changes interface of a site or application of any complexity. This is much easier than writing reactions to all kinds of events manually, and reduces the number of errors. Since components can be reused anywhere in the code, the task becomes even easier. For example, to create a complex multi-page site or application, you do not need to repeatedly write the same component.


This is one of the key advantages of the project, rendered in the title. The library responds to component updates and automatically displays its changes in the document tree. Changes can occur in response to user actions, some external changes, or other events. As a result, websites and applications become more attractive to the user.


Thanks to the virtual DOM, the library saves resources. To change the state of elements, you do not need to completely reload the entire DOM tree, waste user traffic and load the browser once again. Only specific elements change, this happens through a virtual DOM tree – sites and applications become “lighter” and more convenient.

High speed

Websites and apps written in React are fast and responsive thanks to the virtual DOM. The tree takes up less space and updates faster.

The work of programmers is also accelerated. Components are easy to create and reuse, message logic is already thought out between them. The main task is to correctly describe the states. There is no need to prescribe all the logic and principles from scratch, the creators of React have already done this for the developer.

Convenient Debugging

There are fewer errors with React than when writing code in “pure” languages without libraries. This happens because a lot of things are implemented automatically, and accordingly, the influence of the “human factor” is reduced. But even if a programmer made a mistake during development, it is quite easy to track down and fix it thanks to the clear logic of the data flow, additional tools, and clear syntax. React code is easy to read, understand and debug.


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