Restoro Review 2022 – Is it Worth Getting this PC Optimizer?

Restoro Review

When it comes to PC cleaner tools, you get a lot of options for Windows PC. Various PC cleaning tools are available that’ll help you do various things on your Windows PC. And in this guide, we’ll review such a PC optimizer or PC repairing tool for Windows. In this guide, we’ll review Restoro, a PC repair tool available there.

Restoro is a popular name when it comes to PC repair tools. However, many users want in-depth information about the features of this tool. So, we have come up with this guide. We have used Restoro ourselves and come up with this review.

So, if you plan to get Restoro for your PC, you just have come to the right place. Just read the Restoro review, and you’ll be able to decide if you should get this PC repair tool or not.

Restoro offers various features. But are they really useful? Well, there’s only one way to find out. Read this guide completely if you want to get all the information regarding Restoro. Below, we have described in-depth features, pricing, pros & cons of this PC repair tool. So, before getting the subscription and buying this PC repairing tool, read this review completely.

About Restoro

Restoro Review

Windows is a widely used operating system worldwide. Millions of people use Windows OS on their PC or laptop. Because of convenience and easy access, people love to use Windows OS on their PC.

However, when using Windows OS, people often face various types of system issues like Windows 10 slow boot. Different Windows issues can occur over time. Also, when you are using an old version of Windows like Windows 7, you don’t get regular security and features updates.

Because of this, viruses and malware can attract your Windows PC. Also, users often face different types of issues like DLL error, Blue screen error, PC crashing or freezing issue, etc.

All these errors can affect your user experience when using Windows OS on your PC or laptop. To fix these issues, there are different types of tools are available for Windows. So, you can use these tools or software to fix different types of errors on your Windows PC.

To protect your PC or laptop from viruses or malware, you can use antivirus software on your Windows PC. However, if you want to fix other types of errors on your PC, PC repair tools are available that’ll help you do that.

Restoro is a PC repair tool that helps you fix different types of errors in your Windows PC. You can scan your PC using this tool, and it’ll diagnose and repair the problems available on your PC.

It is a freemium tool that you can easily fix common and hidden Windows errors. This also includes virus and malware damage repair for your PC. They claim Restoro to be an all-in-one solution to repair software-related issues for Windows PC.

Restoro Features

When we provide Restoro Review, you should know about all the features of this Windows system repair tool.

Restoro comes with various PC system repair and optimization features. Below, we have described some of the features of Restoro.

Restoro Review

Freeze or Crash Issue

Sometimes, Windows PC users complain about their PC freezing or crashing issues. You are working on your PC, and suddenly it freezes. You can’t move your mouse; even the keyword shortcuts are not working.

If this problem starts happening, it’ll happen again and again on your Windows PC. And the most annoying issue is that when it freezes your PC, it won’t fix until you restart your machine. And when you restart, you won’t be able to find the work that you were doing because it won’t save the work.

So, if you face a PC freeze or crashing issues frequently, then Restoro can help you fix it. It’ll scan your PC for problems and find out what is causing the freezing or crashing issue on your Windows PC.

You can fix this type of common PC problem with Restoro. It’ll help you use your Windows PC without any freezing or crashing issues so that you can work on your PC without any interruptions. In this work, Restoro is a useful solution that you can use.

BSoD Repair

Have you ever encountered Blue Screen of Death or BSoD on your PC? Many Windows users often face the Blue screen of death issue when using their PC. BSoD is another annoying issue that can occur when you use your Windows PC.

Usually, when you face the Blue screen of death, the screen of your PC gets completely blue. And you get some type of error message on your screen. It can show various types of errors, depending on the system issue of your PC. And this can happen suddenly. So, you won’t be able to work when you see the error message.

And it won’t disappear until you restart your PC. When you restart, it’ll erase the work that you were doing before the blue screen. So, this is another common annoying issue that Windows users face over time. For older PC, that has not been upgraded for a long time, the BSoD error occurs the most.

Restoro system repair tool helps you find out the cause of the blue screen of death and helps you fix the issue. So, if you are facing BSoD error on your Windows PC, then you can fix it with Restoro.

Windows Error Repair

Windows users face various types of errors when using their Windows PC. It could be a program not opening an issue or an error message when starting their PC. There are different types of errors that Windows users face over time when using Windows OS.

And Restoro will help you to fix these common errors on your Windows PC. So, if you are getting any type of error message when starting your Windows PC or while using your PC, you can fix it easily using Restoro. Restoro will help you to fix common Windows errors.


Dynamic Link Library files or DLLs are important Windows OS files that help you run different programs and operate your operating system.

However, sometimes, people face DLL errors when opening software or doing other things on their Windows PC. Especially if you have installed new software on your PC, sometimes, it won’t start and shows a DLL error or a particular DLL file missing error.

There are different ways to fix these DLL files. There are DLL fixer tools are available for Windows PC. However, with Restoro, you can fix DLL errors on your Windows PC. It’ll help you to repair corrupted DLL files on your Windows PC or laptop.

So, if you are facing any type of DLL error on your Windows PC, you can fix it with Restoro. Restoro will help you to find out corrupted DLL files and replace them on your Windows PC or laptop. If you face a DLL error after installing a new program on your PC, use Restoro to fix it.

Virus Damage Repair

Windows users often get viruses and malware on their Windows PC. When a virus or malware gets into your PC, along with your privacy, it can damage the system files of the Windows operating system as well.

Sometimes, people have experienced after cleaning the virus with antivirus software, they face different errors on their Windows PC. These are common errors that people face after cleaning their PC with antivirus or antimalware software.

Restoro helps you to repair those corrupted file damages after scanning your PC with antivirus or antimalware software. So, if you have recently got a virus or malware on your Windows PC, and then you are facing an error message, you can easily repair it with Restoro. Restoro helps you to repair virus-damaged system files on your Windows PC.

Restoro System Compatibility

This PC repair tool is available for Windows operating system. So, you can get this Windows repair tool on your Windows 7/8/8.1/10 PC and use it to repair your PC easily without any issues.

Usually, there are not any minimum system requirements. However, below, we have described the recommended system requirements for your Windows PC to use Restoro.

  • Operating System: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 800 MHz or higher
  • Hard drive disk space: 50 MB free space
  • Memory: 512 MB available RAM
  • Internet connection: Yes

Restoro Pricing

Now, here comes an important part of Restoro Review, the pricing on this Windows repair tool software.

Talking about the pricing, the Restoro team described it as a ‘Freemium’ system repair tool. However, there’s a catch.

It provides a free trial for the user. However, the free trial will only scan for the errors on your Windows PC. When you try to fix those errors with Restoro, it’ll ask for a product key.

So, the free version of Restoro is useless. And you can’t check if the software is good or not with the free version.

If you go ahead and try to buy the license of the Restoro repair tool, you’ll get different plans for this tool.

Below, we have described the information about these pricing plans.

Restoro Review

Basic Plan

The basic plan of Restoro is not that great. With this plan, you’ll get all the above-mentioned features. However, the main problem with this plan is, it is for one-time use only. That means, after scanning and fixing your PC one time, you won’t be able to do it for the next time with the basic plan of Restoro. The basic plan is available for 1 device and 1-time use only. You also don’t get any official support with the basic plan of Restoro.

Price: $29.95/use

Premium Plan

The premium plan of Restoro is slightly different and upgraded from the basic plan. With the Premium plan, you get all the above-mentioned features. However, there’s no limit on using this tool compared to the basic plan. That means you can use it as many times as you want on 1 PC. The Premium plan license is available for a single PC and unlimited time usage. With the Premium plan, you’ll get their official customer support for 1 year. However, the usage of using Restoro is capped at one PC only. You can use it to scan and repair your PC unlimited times.

Price: $39.95/year

Extended Plan

The extended plan of Restoro is for those who want to get this PC repair tool on more than one device. With the extended plan, you can use Restoro on up to 3 devices for one year. And that too unlimited usage. It also includes official support for 1 year.

Price: $59.95/year

Restoro Final Review – Is it Worth Buying this PC Repair Tool?

Now, coming to the main point of Restoro Review. Is it worth buying the license of the Restoro repair tool?

Well, it depends. If you are using the latest version of Windows OS, then you already get those features built-in with Windows. So, there’s no need to get a PC repair tool if you are using the latest version of Windows OS.

If you are using an old version of Windows OS, then you’ll get the features offered by Restoro in different tools. But, if you want to get them in a single tool and use the features, then Restoro would be good for you.

So, if you are facing the above-mentioned errors on your Windows PC with the old version of Windows OS installed, then you can get Restoro.

Restoro Review – Pros & Cons

There are some pros and cons are available for this Windows repair tool program. Below, we have described them.

What we Liked
  • Get various PC repair features in one place
  • Repair all types of errors on your Windows PC
  • Simple and Straightforward interface
What we didn't Like
  • Limited customer support
  • No antivirus protection

Is Restoro a Scam?

No, it is not. Restoro is a well-known PC repair tool. However, with the features offered by Restoro, you get those features with free PC optimizing tools. But, you probably have to download separate tools to fix different issues.

So, if you want to get all those features in a single tool, you can get Restoro. Just read the Restoro review that we have provided above to decide.

Final Verdict

So, guys, I hope you liked Restoro Review. If you did, you can share this guide on your social media platforms. If you have any questions or queries, you can just ask them in the comment section below.

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