Simple Tips to Improve Your Fashion Game with American Felt Hats

Your Fashion Game

A hat is a great way to change up your look and mood. If you’ve got a closet full of clothes but nothing feels right, throw on a hat and see the magic happen. Hats are often overlooked as an accessory; however, they can be one of the most transformative pieces of apparel. American hats have been a significant trend among both men and women. You can quickly notice someone wearing these hats in the market, office, beaches, bars, and restaurants. They give an elegant look to your fashion statement and work wonders to protect your face and hair from the harmful rays of the sun on Your Fashion Game . 

Some Common Examples of Trending Men’s Felt Hat and Your Fashion Game 

The most common type of felt is wool felt. Wool is the most luxurious material and gives a rich look to your outfit. In addition, they are water-resistant and help you maintain style even in the rainy season.

1. Fedora – Fedora is a hat that originated from Rome in the 17th century. French men then adopted it in the late 18th century, and today it is most commonly worn by men in France and Italy. A fedora hat is a flat-top with curved or untrimmed brims, similar to a trilby, only Fedora style. 

2. Trilby – A Trilby is a style of hat that is popular among both young and old generations. It was named after the play Trilby O’Ferrall in 1894, which featured an attractive woman wearing a hat with a ‘trilby’ style brim. Trilbys are typically ribbed and may also be felt or straw.

3. Bowler– Bowler hats or bowlers are mens felt hat, characterized by their short crowns, stiff, flat brims, and cylindrical crowns (also called “compost” or “hard hats”). Although the early 19th century bowlers wore felt, nowadays, most bowler hats are made from hard materials like felt, straw or wool felt. 

Getting Started with Styling Men’s Felt Hats

However, to flaunt your looks, you have to style your hat with matching outfits perfectly. Well-matched clothing with your felt hat will undoubtedly help you stand confident with your dressing. If you are looking to rock some American Felt hats, you can check out these inspirational styles available at

1. Blonde Felt Fedora

This blonde-felt fedora is a brilliant piece to break the monochromatic look. The cap is olive green and tied with a black silk ribbon. It sits atop your head in an angled fashion, making you look taller. The black hatband gives a stately look to the cap.

2. Dual Tone Straw Felt Hat

A straw felt hat is one of the most popular options among men over age 30 or 40, mainly because it is chic and adds a dash of elegance to your look. The perfect color combination will give you an appealing vintage look. Style it with your summer white outfit and smokey eyes to make heads turn.

3. Dark Brown Felt Cap

This brown felt hat will go great with your brown leather jacket or suit and jeans. It is tied at the back with red velvet ribbon and sits classically on top of your head, making you look classy but not too over-the-top. The white hatband complements the brown cap and brightens up your outfit.

4. Black Felt Hat With Bow Tie

A hat with a bow tie is a feminine take on an otherwise masculine accessory. The hat is dressed in dark black and sits atop your head in a front-side backward fashion. You can tie it back while pairing with a black felt bow tie matching your outfit. The hat’s brim comes upturned, which is not too much to make it look boring but just the right amount to make you look stunning.

How Felt Hats Help You Protect Your Hair- Your Fashion Game ?

Felt is a unique kind of material that helps you protect your hair from the sun’s harmful rays. These felt hats are made from wool felt, generally stiffer than other fabrics, and have a nap on one side. This nap is on the ‘wrong’ side, as the wrong side of velour fabric. But it allows the hat to hold its shape and become stiff enough to stand on its own (like a cowboy hat) or soft enough to bend around your ears for warmth (like a beanie). The soft fibre provides comfort and cushion to keep your head and hair remains safe and sound.

Getting a perfect match outfit with your felt hat is not difficult as there are many new and trendy designs available in the market that can make you look stunning. In the summer season, women prefer to wear a hat with floppy brim that can match with casual outfits like cotton trousers and t-shirt or denim shorts and tank top.


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