A great alternative to housesitting is home exchange. Similar to the model already presented, you register yourself and your house or apartment on a platform where you can then exchange ideas with other users from all over the world and arrange to exchange. If you find an object that appeals to you – and the other homeowner would also like to exchange it – you will soon be sitting in the car or on the plane on the way to your new temporary home, while the exchange partner can make himself comfortable in your home.

During the time of the home exchange, you can usually use the entire inventory (sometimes even including the car) and really feel at home on vacation. A certain amount of trust in the exchange partner is of course required, but evaluations of previous exchanges can also help when choosing a partner. Important: Here, too, you have to pay a fee of between €100-150 per year in order to be able to register on the platforms. But if you travel or make contacts several times a year, this fee is really small compared to the amount you save. Sites that offer a home exchange are, for example, home exchange, interval-exchange or HomeLink.

Travel thanks to a Free chance with sugar daddy

If the trip has a specific topic that could be of general interest, you can find a sugar daddy for a grant on a sugar daddy website such as The type of relationship and the requirements needed for both sides well. Usually, being a sugar baby traveling with a wealthy sugar daddy could be an unforgettable experience, many sugar daddies will respect sugar babies’ needs and won’t force their sugar baby to do anything she doesn’t like. 

Dream job hotel tester

Of course, you can also concentrate fully on traveling professionally, for example as a hotel tester. If you are allowed to adorn yourself with this job title, you can travel around for free, test hotels in the most beautiful places in the world and even get paid for it. But how do you actually become a hotel tester? First of all: A sound education and a lot of passion are required. You can find out more about the job as a hotel tester in my travel magazine.

WWOOFing and Work & Travel

WWOOFing stands for Worldwide Opportunities on Organic Farms. You work on an ecological farm and you are provided with board and lodging. Okay, it’s not completely free, since you have to finance the journey yourself, but there are also ways to overcome these costs, for example by hitchhiking if it’s not too far away.

The prerequisite for WWOOFing is that you are at least 18 years old and physically fit so that you can cope with the daily work on a farm. In order to participate, however, it does not have to be a farm in Germany, WWOOF can be found almost everywhere in the world: Australia, Argentina, Sri Lanka, Serbia, Israel and many other countries!

Alternatively, you can also do Work & Travel in Great Britain or in Australia. Workaway also gives you a platform to find a farm to work on in return for free accommodation and food. In my travel magazine, you will find current information and tips about work & travel.

Travel for free thanks to Instagram & Blog

If you have a well-visited travel blog or many followers on Instagram, are well networked and can make contacts quickly, you may be invited to a blogger trip by a country’s tourist office. In return, you then write an article about the country or region or diligently post pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Co. This means that you have to be constantly on the lookout for exciting stories and attractive photo motifs. This gives you the chance to discover a lot of new things and meet nice people.

You can read about what life as a travel blogger is like in my travel magazine article on the topic of traveling around the world. I spoke to a young American who left home ten years ago and has been traveling the world ever since. For more inspiration, I recommend taking a look at the most beautiful Instagram accounts in the travel world. Oh, you can get a little jealous…

World office: A life as a digital nomad

The digital nomads fare similarly to the bloggers and Instagramers. If you’re lucky enough to have a profession that you can practice independently of a place, you can theoretically also belong to this community. As a digital nomad, you are free to choose the place where you do your work, you can theoretically work from somewhere else every week. Today Bali, next week Phuket and in three months I’m going to Australia for a few weeks. Admittedly, it’s not free, but traveling and discovering new places come naturally with this lifestyle.

Travel for free thanks to Couchsurfing

With Couchsurfing, you sleep with strangers and it’s completely free. A cool side effect is that you don’t just see tourist hostels, but can stay with the locals and get a lot of insider tips about the country and its people. Sleeping with complete strangers is not for everyone, but you can make an appointment beforehand on portal couchsurfing and get a first impression of the host here. Some similar portals require a registration fee and an identity check – that gives security!




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