Some of the blockbuster bitcoin-based movies that no one should miss

Blockbuster bitcoin based movies

Bitcoins were firstly announced as the digital currency more than a decade ago. From that time, it has influenced a million people to invest in it on a global level. Some people were admired for investing in this digital currency by noticing its volatile nature, while others were impressed by the movies, which were completely based on bitcoins. Yes, we can say that movie production houses understood the fact the offering movies based on digital currencies will definitely get the attention of people of all age groups. It is because bitcoin is at its rocking stage, and everyone is excited to get familiar with the concept of these top-rated digital currencies at bitcoincode. Lets look at some of the blockbuster bitcoin-based movies that no one should miss:-

As you would surely be having some time in your entire day where you can get relaxed and entertained. What if you will be offered some of the top-rated bitcoin-related movies, which will not only increase your knowledge but also entertain you with some unheard facts.

Bitcoin Big bang

  • The Bitcoin Big Bang is a very amazing movie that is completely based on the bitcoin exchange of Tokyo named Mt.Gox. Yes, it is the only exchange platform that took responsibility for almost 70 percent of bitcoin-related transactions of the entire world. The exchange offered its service from 2010 to 2014 and was closed later because it was a hack attack that results in the loss of a big amount of bitcoin, which is almost 450K. 
  • Unfortunately, the CEO of the exchange was arrested for the attack, but he was released after some time because there was no evidence against him. Even the CEO Mark Karpeles has also revealed the entire story of this side which has been shown through the movie.

The rise and rise of bitcoin

  • The old stuff is the really topmost preference of the people of this generation. When it comes to the history of bitcoins, no one wants to miss a chance to explore it. The rise and rise of bitcoin is one of the movies which was launched in 2014. The movie is entirely based on the tales about the early adopters who have invested in the bitcoin in the begining time. You might not be aware of the fact that the first one who adopts the bitcoin is Gaven Andersen, who directly contacted Nakamoto for bitcoins. 
  • He also had a great contribution in improving the overall technology of bitcoins by supporting Nakamoto. From the time of its launch, the movie has been graded as the best production yet based on bitcoins and all other stuff related to this digital currency. Before watching any of the movies, the viewers are suggested to explore this one.

Trust machine – The story of blockchain

  • It is another blockbuster that was launched almost after the decade of launch of this best digital currency known as bitcoins. There have been lots of revolutionary things that took place in the world of bitcoins from year to year. You might be having an idea that there are more than 5000 digital currencies launched after the bitcoins, but only very few of them were successful and survived in the market. 
  • The movie has shown the potential of blockchain technology on which the potential of bitcoin mainly relies. Bitcoin is an exceptional currency that has the full support of blockchain, which is the reason every operation is very smooth. The movie was firstly released in 2018 and also showed the common problem that is faced by newly launched digital currencies after bitcoins are.

Deep web

  • The Deep web is another hit that was publically launched in 2015. This is a kind of documentary which has been narrated by Keanu Reeves. If you are not having even a bit idea about the dark side of the internet, then you will surely be able to know a lot about it. Have you ever heard about the silk road? It is unique in its kind of marketplace, which offers users a payment through bitcoins.
  • Yes, it has also been marked as the first place where the use of bitcoin is allowed. The silk road was owned by a mysterious personality named Dread Pirate Roberts. Then came a time when three are unnecessary traffic of the users, and some authorities considered it a great opportunity to rush it. The movie has clearly shown the arrest incident of the creator of Silk Road, who was just 29 years old.


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