Startup Offers Consumers Personalized Micronutrients for Their Optimized Health

Personalized Micronutrients

Buyers are actively searching for vitamins, minerals and other health products to help them take control of their health; the popularity of wearable devices to monitor and quantify customized health data can be traced in part to the emergence of the health-conscious customer. The 2019 CRN Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements reports that 76% of Americans used vitamins in the previous year.

Rootine has arrived to tackle the lack of personalized micronutrients vitamins and minerals in the industry. The startup employs DNA, a blood test and a lifestyle quiz to develop a highly personalized micronutrient pack. These packs are bursting with vitamins, minerals and other health-boosting compounds that are dosed specifically for your needs with microbead technology.

The startup was established when Rachel Soper Sanders, the co-founder and CEO, was searching for lifestyle modifications that could enhance her performance levels after dealing with chronic stress and fatigue. At the time, she had just graduated from Harvard Business School and worked as an investment banker and was trying to establish her own company. Sanders met Dr Daniel Wallerstorfer, PhD, a geneticist, bio-technician and nutrigenetic expert who was exploring ways to optimize his overall health but coming up short.

In an interview with Dr Brittany R. Allman, Sanders explained that she had noticed a lack of data-driven supplement options that could meet the unique needs of her body, which led to her founding the precision nutrition company alongside Wallerstorfer. The company they founded continuously performs scientific research investigating the interaction between genetics and nutrition, which helps them stay up-to-date on information concerning nutrigenetics.

On The Momentous Podcast feature, Sanders said, “Rootine is built on over 400 clinical studies related to how nutrition and genetics play together. Genes influence how your body absorbs, processes, and utilizes nutrients.” She explained that cells could be regarded as the cornerstone of our health, and DNA instructs cells on how to function. The company uses genetic information, blood nutrient levels, and a lifestyle quiz to determine your daily vitamin and nutrient needs. According to Sanders’ interview with Levels, Rootine helped her determine the specific cellular dysfunction that increased her body’s need for antioxidants.

Rootine stands out from other micronutrient brands as the only company that offers a test-take-track system where members receive personalized daily vitamin packs and keep track of their progress using a digital dashboard. Their website mentions tracking as the only reliable method to ensure that your nutrient formula is optimized for your body.

The company employs third-party testing with a certified ISO 9001, 15189,2200, and 2261laboratory that follows FDA current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP). Sanders told Momentous that Rootine understands that customers are more informed and empowered and so know how important testing is, and the company supports this and aims to give customers a customized, convenient, science-backed vitamin subscription.

When the founder and CEO of Momentous Matt Wan asked Sanders where she sees her company in the next two years, she replied, “Rootine is really excited about building a precision nutrition platform with a variety of solutions. What that means to us is utilizing new data points, providing products based on data, and helping members track where they are over time. We are continuing to invest in a digital experience and tying the data collection into a comprehensive, tailored solution.”

The custom nutrient formula brand has thousands of members, including celebrities like Steve Aoki and athletes like Brian Burns. They are currently building a remote-first team with headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee. 

The future of the health industry is dynamic as shifting consumer expectations influences the growth of well-being options and the ability to build a tailored approach to dealing with health issues. Consumers that are open-minded and interested desire and are looking for a unique, personalized supplement plan as part of their daily routines.

Personalized nutrition is a hot topic for new supplement companies and established supplement companies alike, and it’s a field where businesses may diversify to gain market share and reach new clients.

At Rootine, our focus is customer’s health demands, so expect to see innovations that adapt to and suit the evolving and highly focused demands of our health-conscious customers as we invest more in customized nutrition plans and a greater focus on the advantages of personalized health programs.



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