Staying Safe While Online Gaming: A Complete Guide


The evolution of online gaming in the 21st century has been remarkable. While people could play simple things like chess or other strategy games during the late 1900s, more recently online video games such as Fortnite or Call of Duty have hit a whole new level. Enhanced internet speeds combined with next-gen servers provide fertile ground for various online gaming forms, generating enhanced social entertainment. 

The global online gaming industry generated over $20 billion in 2020, with worldwide audiences projected to hit 1.3 billion by 2025. It’s no wonder game developers across the spectrum are constantly aiming for bigger and better titles. The future looks bright, with new concepts like the metaverse and highly realistic VR on the horizon. 

Nevertheless, online gaming isn’t all fun and games. It has never been more important to grasp the fundamentals of staying safe while enjoying the popular hobby. Cybercriminals persistently use these platforms to obtain sensitive personal data or use fraudulent tactics to dupe players into making bogus payments. Stay with us for a complete guide to staying safe while online gaming. We’ll explore some of the main important factors to keep in mind. 

Never Disclose Personal Information in Chat Rooms

Online chat rooms are fantastic for adding an extra social edge when gaming. Players can use instant messaging to discuss team tactics, ask general gameplay questions, and catch up with friends. While many are private rooms, some titles offer vast messaging groups with random people. It can be a great way to make new friends, although you must be careful. 

Never disclose personal information in online chat rooms, especially when strangers are involved. You never know who might be on the other end, so don’t give away anything about your true identity. Cybercriminals can use things like your email or home address for numerous illegal activities. It’s better to be more cautious than open with your details in online gaming chat rooms. Don’t take the risk! 

Only Use Safe Websites 

Online gaming fans using websites or apps must guarantee they are playing on safe platforms at all times. Pretty much all console games are 100% verified and regulated from the offset, but other online gaming options differ. For example, some free game websites can contain harmful viruses or insecure servers.

Popular sweepstakes or bingo sites are similar, with players urged to read reviews and check for things like SSL encryption before signing up. Playing on safe websites is even more important in the burgeoning iGaming world. Online casinos are great fun, but you must be careful due to sensitive payment data and the number of dodgy sites. Look for licensing from bodies such as the Malta Gaming Authority and Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to guarantee a legitimate platform. Additionally, safe online casinos feature independent testing, regular auditing, and top-grade customer service. Read the “About Us” section and external player reviews to verify this. Making payments during app-based games also follows the same principle. Do your research before handing over any banking information or activating Apple Pay or Google Pay. It could make all the difference.  

Be Sensible & Avoid Addiction 

Online video gaming can easily turn a harmless hobby into a full-blown addiction. It’s always important to take breaks and consider your relationship with it, no matter how much you enjoy yourself. 

Time is extremely valuable in the hustle and bustle of modern life. Do you really want to spend all your time not working playing games? Don’t neglect friends, family, and physical exercise in favor of sitting on the couch playing online video titles. Finding a balance is key to a long and healthy relationship with video gaming. 

Consider Utilizing a VPN 

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are fundamental online safety programs. These pieces of software encrypt your online activity and identity by masking your IP address to make it appear like you’re somewhere else. Using a VPN can keep you safe even if you mistakenly visit a dangerous website, although it’s better not to click on these sites in the first place. 

People often wonder whether a VPN is necessary, but it’s more than worth investing in. Most subscriptions cost nothing compared to what they could save you. Using one is even more prescient in the online gaming world, as it grants complete anonymity and freedom from location tracking. 


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