Stellar Data Recovery Standard – Complete Review

Stellar Data Recovery Standard

Stellar Data Recovery Standard

Looking for data recovery software? In today’s world, recovering data has become one of the most essential activities. Well, it’s necessary in some cases. However, the problem is, there’re many data recovery tools available. Most of them are free but they don’t promise genuine features. If you are serious about data recovery, you need to check Stellar, one of the most popular data recovery tools right now. In the following, we will cover the features of Stellar Data Recovery Standard software. In addition, you will know about the pricing of this software. Let’s find out. 

Stellar Features

As we mentioned above, Stellar has become quite popular due to it’s fantastic features and service. If you are purchasing a plan, you need to check these features first:

  • Recovers Data from Corrupt Drives

One of the most useful features is this tool can recover data from formatted partitions and corrupt drives. To recover data, you need to use its powerful deep scan feature first. It will run a scan on externally connected storage and internal storage. This data scan will recover common data loss situations. 

  • File Sorting

The best thing about Stellar data recovery tool is it provides a well-shorted view of data scan. Well, when you are using this feature, you will quickly identify the files that need to be recovered. To do this, you need to find ‘Filtered Tree’ tab on the search result window. You will find different ways to filter the files.

  • Resume Recovery

Another amazing feature by Stellar software is resuming recovery. By using this feature, you will be able to save the current scan and resume data recovery later. This feature not only saves time but you can use it at your convenience. However, make sure you are loading the saved scan file to start the recovery process. 

  • Quick and Deep Scan

The stellar tool offers two scanning processes; quick scan and deep scan. Most people use the quick scan as it’s very useful for recovering files easily. On the other hand, deep scanning recovers data from corrupt drives. When the tool can’t find a file by quick scanning, it will switch to the deep scan mode. 

  • Recovers Priceless Memories

Besides recovering documents, Stellar will help you recover deleted photos and videos as well. This software will show you a preview of the file such as photos, videos, audio, PDF, Zip, RAR files, and Office documents. So, you will be able to choose your revocable data from these options. 

  • All Storage Media Devices Data Recovery

Another good feature from Stellar is it allows you to recover data from any Windows-compatible storage device. So, you can easily recover data from hard disk, pen drive, flash card, memory card, mini disks, and more. You just need to plug the device into the Windows PC and scan it by Stellar. 

  • All Data Loss Situations Recovery 

This tool is very easy to use and helps you recover all data loss situations. You can easily use it without any deep knowledge. ( This tool will help you with common data loss scenarios including corrupt hard drives, deleted files, and virus attacks. In fact, it’s good for recovering data from Windows-compatible devices. 

  • Data Recovery on Dual Monitors

One of the best features of this data recovery tool is it comes with dual monitor support. This means you can work on two screens without worrying about minimizing. This feature is quite unique that will work without interrupting other works. So, you can continue your multitasking. 

  • 4K Hard Drives Data Recovery

Stellar offers a new feature that can help you recover data from modern 4k hard drives. You can’t get this feature by using a free tool. This feature will help you by scanning the data from storage sectors of 4096 bytes. In fact, it will recover data from all types of 4k hard drives. 

Stellar Data Recovery Plans

Stellar Data Recovery Software offers three different plans, so you can choose one of those as per your requirements. The standard plan is available at $49.99. This plan allows you to recover data from storage media, encrypted drives, deleted photos, and videos.

The professional plan allows you to recover data from CD/DVD and lost partitions. Moreover, it supports unbootable system recovery. This plan is available at $79.99. Stellar’s premium plan offers a lot of things at $99.99. In fact, you will be able to repair corrupt videos and photos with this plan. 


As you can see, using Stellar can change your windows data recovery experience. If you have been using free software, it’d be better if you are switching to Stellar. This tool not only gives the best recovery performance but also ensures your device’s security. Make sure you are choosing a plan as per your requirement. 


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