Steps To Open A Coffee Shop

Open A Coffee Shop
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The coffee industry is currently rising as many people are becoming more interested in high-quality coffee only found in coffee shops. Because of that, opening a coffee shop has become one of the most thought of investments. However, before you do that, you need to understand how to open a coffee shop and follow the necessary steps.

Steps Needed To Open A Coffee Shop

Research informs you whether there is a need for a coffee shop in your local area. It also tells what similar businesses exist, if you can compete with them and if you can afford to open and run a coffee shop in the area. You also need to understand if the other coffee shops are independent or franchises.

Select a concept

A concept is a unifying theme for the coffee shop, and having a good concept increases your competitiveness. Some of the things you should think about when developing a concept for your business include:

  • Your target demographic
  • Whether you want a traditional coffee shop, mobile coffee shop, or coffee roaster.
  • Any additional foods and beverages you will offer in your coffee shop
  • It would help if you also started deciding on the name of your coffee shop. Make it unique, catchy, and easy for clients to remember.

Know where you will get your coffee beans

The quality of coffee you serve will depend on the quality of coffee beans you use, which is why you need to find the best coffee beans. The best way is to find a wholesale coffee roaster, but you have to consider the type, flavor, and quality of their beans, their location, and price.

Write a business plan

A business plan will help you plan the ownership structure of the shop, finalize your concept, and project your finances. You should develop a business plan that is well structured for a firm footing and flexible enough to allow future growth.

Get financing

When figuring out how to start a coffee shop, finances are among the most important things to consider. You need to get enough money to start the coffee shop and run it for a few months before it starts generating profit.

You can get financing from your savings, traditional business loans, small business loans, or business lines of credit.

Find a space

You need to find commercial space in a suitable location with a high and steady customer flow. When choosing a location, you need to consider the distance from suppliers and customers, crime rates, competition, and regulations.

Make sure that the size of the space suits the type and style of coffee shop you are going for.

Get licenses and permits

Check the licenses and permits you need from your local government website and apply for all of them. Start this process ahead of time to avoid waiting a long time for approval.

Design your coffee shop

Design the front-of-house layout depending on what you want your customers to experience when visiting your coffee shop. Choose your color combinations and décor pieces to be more welcoming to customers.

This is the part where you also design your menu. The back-of-house layout behind the counters should have enough space for maximum flow.

Order equipment

Go through a list of all the equipment you need and compare shops for the best quality equipment. Start shopping from the most important to the least essential equipment and tick them off the list once you get them.

Hire staff

Your employees will determine how successful the shop will be, which is why you need the most qualified staff. Consider their experience in making coffee and dealing with clients.


Marketing is key to helping push your brand further. You can use tools like Lightspeed POS, which allows you to capture clients’ data, view their history, and develop marketable audiences by integrating with email marketing tools.

When thinking of how to open a coffee shop, you need to start planning early to have everything ready when you finally open the shop.



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