Strategies for betting on soccer in India: tips for beginners


Soccer is one of the most widespread sports in the world, where a lot of money is rolling in. It contributes to the development of related market segments, primarily betting. 

Betting on soccer occupies the first place in the world by the volume of financial gain (except for some large countries such as the U.S., where this sport is little popular) because for all the years of existence was developed a lot of soccer strategies that allow you to spend the bank more efficiently. This article will discuss several popular gambling and financial strategies for soccer betting that even a beginner can easily master. You can find more information on this topic on

Is it possible to earn on betting in India?

First of all, it should be noted that betting on sports is not a job and in no way a source of permanent income. It is entertainment, a way to release adrenaline, to tickle the nerves, for which you have to pay. 

There are many blogs, organizations and characters in the network who are ready to guarantee a supposedly 100% profit for a percentage of profit. Such promises should be treated as fraudulent, that is, with skepticism. No strategy can guarantee the result in the long term.

Why do bettors bet on soccer in India?

Since betting is entertainment, bettors choose the sport that is closer to them and which they think they know. However, soccer can be a promising direction for a bettor:

  • Soccer is popular, and bookmakers don’t shy away from writing outlines. No other sport has as many bets as soccer. There are as common as “total”, “handicap” “team win” and very rare “number of goals scored by player N”, “number of red cards in the match,” etc.
  • Soccer rarely stops. If when betting on hockey, the user is faced with a situation during the year when there is nothing to bet on, then in soccer someone, yes, plays.
  • There is a lot of match-fixing in soccer. You can identify them in play by the sharply falling odds. Theoretically, the bettor can use that in his favor.

By the way, there are a lot of quality statistics on soccer in Indian betting clubs, analyzing which you can develop your betting strategy.

What are the strategies for soccer in India?

Every new bettor faces two basic questions when entering the world of betting – “How to bet?” and “How much to bet?” Trying to find answers to them, experienced bettors have come up with strategies – financial and gambling. The first is trying to prevent losing the allocated bank after the first bets, the second is responsible for what kind of sport to use, on which leagues and matches to bet, and what kind of bet to choose as the main (handicap, total, etc.).

Thus, talking about the player’s betting strategy implies two components at once – financial and gaming. 

Playing on the percentage of the bank

This financial strategy is one of the most common because, on the one hand, it can be profitable, on the other hand, it is not possible to drain the whole bank in a few days.

The bottom line is that the player, indicating the bank, which he is ready to use for betting in a particular bookmaker office, provides a clear percentage of it for the bet. Usually, take from 1% to 5%. When making a bet, the player considers its size each time based on the size of the bank.

For example, a bettor with an initial bank of 1000 rupees puts 50 INR (5%) on the victory of a certain team at an odds of 1.8. He wins and gets +90 rubles to the bank. Now he has to bet 5% of INR 1090, which is 54.5 Indian rupees.

The strategy is good in that it will not allow you to immediately drain the entire bank. The disadvantages are also enough – you can not count on a quick profit, and the bet will have to constantly keep the account. In addition, the strategy does not involve opening several bets at once.

What is good about the strategy “Kelly criterion”

This strategy was developed by American John Kelly in 1956. It is quite complex but very popular. It is used not only in betting but also in other areas that require assessing the probability of the outcome, such as gambling or stock trading.

The strategy is based on the so-called Kelly formula: C=K*V-1/K-1. Parameters of the formula:

  • C – coefficient of the next bet;
  • K – bookmaker’s coefficient;
  • V – probabilistic estimation of the event by a player.

For the final calculation of the bet, it is necessary to multiply the obtained coefficient by the total amount of the pot. To successfully use the strategy it is necessary to look for overestimated events for betting by bookmakers. For example, with a player’s estimate of the probability of 50%, the odds should be greater than two. Otherwise, the odds of the next bet will be negative, and it will be impossible to make it.

The main disadvantages of the strategy – are the complexity of calculations and dependence on the determination of the degree of probability of a positive outcome by the player. Also, the formula is designed only for events with two opposite outcomes.

Popular strategy “Martingale”

This is the most popular strategy if you analyze the thematic publishers devoted to betting. The idea of the strategy is simple – always cover the loss with the next bet. The strategy is very aggressive and in a bad series quickly leads to the drain of the bank.

So, the player determines the initial bet amount. Suppose it is 100 Indian rupees. Regardless of the bookmaker’s odds, in case of winning he bets 100 INR again. But in case of loss – already 200 INR. If he loses again, he bets 400 INR.

This strategy is very risky and you should not even try it with a small pot. It can work well only in greenhouse conditions when the player has an unlimited bank.

In addition, for many events, bookmakers set not only the minimum but also the maximum bet. Thus, a situation may well arise where the expense of one double bet in a long chain of losses to cover the loss will not work.

Strategy for “total over 2.5”

Total is a bet on the total number of goals scored in a match. A total of more than 2.5 means that more than 3 goals will be scored in the match. Choose for betting matches between teams that practice an attacking style of play. You can use an algorithm to estimate:

  • Each game of each team from the last 5 matches should be evaluated with +0,5 points if the total was broken in it. If both teams scored, add +0.75 to the score.
  • To evaluate each game of the team from the last 5 games with -0,5, if the total of 2,5 was not scored, and if the goals were not scored at all or at least one of the teams, then take away another -0,75.

The resulting scores for each team and the total scores are added together. If the result is 5+, you can bet on the total more (2.5).

Dallas exclusive strategy

This tactic involves playing the game in play and betting on the individual total of the losing team. The process usually proceeds as follows. A player enters live on the 29th-30th minute of the match and bets that the losing team will not score again.

The strategy has peculiarities:

  • You have to bet on a single-digit underdog. The favorite must have a clear advantage during the match. So it is necessary to watch the match yourself or at least read the text broadcast.
  • It is better to choose low-scoring championships. For example, the Italian lower leagues.
  • It is necessary to catch the odds at least 1.25. Otherwise, the bettor will not make a profit.

With proper training and analytics, this strategy gives a good result.

What is hedging in betting

Another popular strategy is the tactic of live betting. The idea is to reduce the risk of losing to zero. This type of game is an analog of “forks”, but only in this case, everything is legal.

The fact is that the odds change in the course of the game, and it is possible to catch a situation where, for a certain amount of bets on opposite outcomes, it is possible to make a profit at any outcome of the match.

How statistics betting works

Perhaps, the most correct, but by no means guaranteeing a profit. Many services provide a convenient interface for tracking and comparing statistics for each particular match (the most famous is Game on the statistics a lot of options. For example, you can bet based on the average number of goals scored by a team over the past 5 matches.

This strategy does not involve panic gestures or frantic viewing of live lines. It is necessary to bet before the match. In addition, bets on statistics are well combined with basic financial strategies.

What strategy to choose for betting in India

No sports betting strategy can guarantee profit. It should be remembered that with any bet the bookmaker puts in his pocket a percentage – the so-called margin. In other words, the odds he offers are initially undervalued. The company does not care whether the player wins or loses – in the long run, it still earns, and the player loses.

Nevertheless, this does not mean that sports betting should necessarily be abandoned. They are relevant as a way to throw away extra adrenaline in challenging times. A combination of sound gambling and financial strategies will ensure that the fun doesn’t end too soon.



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