The 10 Best Promotional Marketing Gifts of All Time


Promotional marketing campaigns are one of the most cost-effective and valuable marketing strategies that any business can use. If you’re looking to run a quality campaign soon, you need to carefully consider what gifts you’re giving out to your customers (both new and old). If you want to create loyal customers, you need to demonstrate how much you care about them and their patronage. To help out, here are the ten best promotional marketing gifts of all time: 

1. Water Bottles

Everyone benefits from staying hydrated. People are becoming more focused on hydration than ever before in 2023, so take advantage of the trend by handing out branded products such as water bottles to your customers. Doing so will make them see your company in a positive light and will help to remind them about your products and services each time they take a thirst-quenching sip. 

2. Sunglasses

Speaking of things everyone loves… sunglasses are a surefire hit for any promotional marketing campaign. The fact that there are several timeless, widely-loved styles of sunglasses to choose from makes the gift even better. Protect your customers’ eyes, and help them stay fashionable by giving them a pair of sunglasses that they will be excited to wear out in public. 

3. Pens

While most people write the vast majority of their content on phones and computers these days, there are still endless scenarios where a pen comes in handy (especially in the home). For this reason, pens will never stop being a great, budget-friendly option when choosing the next gift your company is giving out during a promotional marketing campaign. 

4. Snack Packs

Free food is sure to impress customers. Especially if you find a food that you know your target audience will love (whether they’re healthy snacks or delectable chocolates), you can impress your customer base and keep them coming back for more. Adding these to orders can be a great way to hand them out in a fun, engaging fashion. 

5. Stress Balls

For companies that cater to a professional audience, stress balls have been a tried-and-true gift for promotional marketing efforts. The fact that the customers you gift stress balls to will think of your company every time they get a short moment of relief will help your business stay magical in their minds. After all, stress relief goes hand in hand with positive thoughts. 

6. Tote Bags

Tote bags are one of the most affordable (and useful) promo products you can buy in bulk. The fact that tote bags have become fashionable in the last decade makes them that much more attractive as an option for a promo campaign gift. If you can make the tote bags you hand out quirk and fun, they will be sure to inspire loyalty within your consumer base. 

7. Koozies

After a long day at work, people often relax with a cold brew or soda. To help them enjoy their drink in a comfortable, non-sweaty fashion, gift them a branded koozie. Koozies all over the world have logos and marketing pitches printed on them, so branding them becomes a fun and simple exercise that any marketing team will love. 

8. Hats

When it comes to wearable promo items, hats have always been a fantastic option. Similar to sunglasses, there are tons of timeless hat styles you can choose from so that your gift can appeal to a wide, broad audience. Trucker hats can be great for some audiences, while baseball-style caps will appeal more to others. Knowing which to choose will help you become a successful brand. 

9. Ornaments

If you’re looking to create a quality promotional marketing campaign during the holiday season, you need to invest in branded ornaments. These are a delightful way to make your brand a part of a customer’s yearly traditions, after all. If they continue hanging up your ornament year after year, your brand will become a part of your identity. Few marketing strategies are as effective at creating life-long customers as a well-curated and implemented promotional marketing campaign. 

10. Staplers

For business-oriented companies that want to give a fancy promotional gift to their customers, free staplers are a guaranteed hit. While you’ll need to pay a bit more for them, they will do a great job of helping business-minded consumers remember your brand. The fact that staplers are expensive to buy in stores will make your gift feel that much more luxurious and unique. The more unique and well-thought-out your promo marketing campaign is, the more likely it will be to launch your company to new heights of success in 2023 (and beyond). 


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