The benefits of having professional TV aerial installation

TV aerial installation

Installing a TV aerial is not a simple process; however, many homeowners refuse to have professional TV aerial installation and believe that they can take this task into their own hands. Not only does this impose many health and safety risks to the installer, but the final result may not be the quality you expect. We are here to tell you why it is important to make that phone call, email, or text to an experienced, professional service, as installing a TV aerial can be a complex procedure. 

Health and safety risks  

When installing an aerial, you are working at a height, therefore a high ladder is required, sometimes even two depending on the area of the aerial placement and the shape of the home. An aerial is a relatively large object, so there is always a risk when carrying this up a ladder. As some aerials must be placed on the roof, the installer may need to stand on top of their roof which can be very unsafe unless you have experience doing this regularly. The chance of falling off or through the roof can be possible so you are best to leave this job to the professional TV aerial installation companies who have the knowledge and skills to do the job. Call if you require a trained engineer to repair or install your TV aerial.  

Less risk of damaged equipment  

When carrying the aerial up a ladder, there is always the chance of this hitting off the ladder, or any surrounding obstructions or objects. For example, if your space is tight, you may damage the aerial before you even get the chance to position it. As well as this, there is always the risk of incorrect positioning. You must make sure there are no objects that can interfere with the aerial once it is installed, such as trees, walls, etc.  

Warranty with a professional TV aerial installation company  

One of the main risks we believe that come with installing your aerial yourself is that you have no warranty or reliability afterward. When using a professional company, as well as the installation, the company should always offer you a warranty that covers any type of damage or fault to the aerial. Some companies can offer a 2–3-year warranty whereas others can offer up to 5 years. Not only will this cover damage to the aerial, but a warranty also allows you to build a relationship with the company and offers dependency. This means that even if you have an issue afterward relating to your TV reception such as the aerial being misaligned, you know that they are only a phone call or email away. If you choose to install this on your terms, matters need to be taken into your own hands and a lot of time and effort may be required to fix your TV aerial and reception.  

Greater TV quality and reception  

Installing a TV aerial, on average, can take from around 2-4 hours. If the task is more complicated and you need the TV aerial connected to a few different points around your home, then it may take around 6 hours. These time estimations are also based on a professional engineer’s time scale, proving that this task can be a lengthy process. Bearing in mind, they are experienced professionals, and if a homeowner with little to no knowledge of this type of job, the likeliness is that it will take a whole lot longer, and even at this, the end result is not always guaranteed. So, why not save yourself the time, effort, and money and contact a professional TV aerial installation establishment.  

Less risk of damage to the roof 

If you choose to install a TV aerial yourself, this will already be an expensive process, considering aerial and equipment purchases. What would be the case if you were to step on your roof during the installation process and damage it? This would be completely on you, meaning that the extra charges to fix your roof would need to be covered by you. If a professional were hired, the likeliness that there will be damage to your roof should be much lower as they are well-trained experts.  

Less expensive 

Finally, the main reason one would choose to install their aerial is purely down to the cost. Homeowners may rather avoid the procedure of TV aerial installation as they believe additional charges on top of the TV aerial cost and installation may amount to a total way out of their budget. This is not always the case, in fact, firms such as Mike Harris, will visit your home and present you with a free quotation before you need to sign up for any sort of installation or repair. 



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