Memes: The Best Meme Generators available in 2021


Memes have become the universal language in social media. There was a time when memes were enjoyed only by youngsters. But now everyone, young at heart appreciates a good meme. From serious messages to the brain-tickling word pun, there are so many things that a meme could convey. Even messages that are looking to grab the attention of its audience can incorporate classy memes for the job. So, all you need is a meme maker if you wish to take your social media engagement to the next level

To know if you are working with the best meme creator tool for your campaign here are a few things to consider- 

  • Cost – not all meme creators are free. So, choose something that falls within your budget or at least has a free trial version so that you can explore before spending money.
  • The Interface should be user-friendly. 
  • Ease of sharing on social media platforms 
  • Regular updates 
  • Filters and other editing tools 

Wrapping up all these features here are the best meme creators you can use in 2020

Best meme generators in 2021

  • InVideo

InVideo is a dynamic video editing tool that lets you create meme videos in a matter of minutes. InVideo has a dedicated 24X7 support team, and you can reach out to them for any support in your meme-making journey. It is one of the few meme-making tools that let you create multilingual videos. That way, you can customize your memes in a language that is the most comfortable for your target audience.

  • ImgFlip

If you need a tool that you can use right away from the browser without the hassle of downloading any file, then ImgFlip is your best choice. It is one of the easiest tools to create memes. It even lets you create fun GIF memes. There is an extensive database of images on this site. With them, you can also use your images and add an effect or text you like and download your meme. It brings a colorful assortment of templates to choose from. 

  • Kapwing

It is one of the most versatile editors for anyone who loves to tweak images and videos to create funny memes. The platform also lets you work in a collaborative space when you have a team of meme creators working on content. You can even build video collages within minutes. . Adding details like subtitles feel so much easier with this tool. It also lets you share the created content directly to various social media platforms. 

  • Adobe Spark

For all the meme creators who like to work with standard tools, this is one of the most reliable editors out there. It comes with a feature-packed meme creation interface. The best part is the convenience of accessing many of its features. With all the editing tools, you can easily create unique memes that can easily become viral. Though it might take a while to accept high-resolution images, it lets you work with a resolution of your choice, and therefore you are left with high-quality images. 

  • Meme Generator 

The Android Meme Generator app is one of the sleekest and easiest meme creation tools out there. It brings over 1000 templates to work with. You can also build your meme from scratch. There is a highly active community where you can get useful tips and ideas for the kind of content to work on. One of the biggest perks of using this tool is that you can create watermark-free memes. Every little detail of the image including the aspect ratio, color, and size of the fonts and frames can be customized. Once your meme is ready, you get the option to save in the device or share it directly to a social media channel. 

  • Memedroid

Memedroid is a fun meme creation app available both for Android and iOS devices. You get to scroll through the database of the funniest memes and the most popular ones shared. You can look for ideas and share your memes as well. You can access the meme templates in the app for those times where you need to create a quick meme. This lets you ensure that your meme stays on par with the best-rated memes out there. A good aspect of this app is the responsive support team that offers multi-lingual support. 

  • Instameme 

Another app that is available for easily creating memes from your smartphone is Instameme. It features a smooth and fast interface that provides quick photo editing options. There are ads, but the app and the features are free to use. You also get to create memes without watermarks. It is one of the fastest meme creators out there with useful effects and filters for images. 

  • GATM Meme generator 

GATM or generate all the memes is one of the most popular Android meme creators. You get to create your memes and also access the most popular memes shared in social media. There is a list that is updated daily. You can save all your favorites from the list and then take inspiration for new designs that you create. The live preview feature is an intuitive addition to this meme creator. It lets you visualize how your image would look on a social media page. 

  • MemeFactory

Create, exchange, and share funny memes with like-minded people out there. Adding text and editing the memes are all easy on this app. There are challenges that meme creators can take part in. You can also vote for your favorites from the list. 

  • Imgur

Imgur has a reputation for being one of the largest collections of memes that are viral on social media sites. There are plenty of pictures from which you can choose the one that would suit your meme and then add text of your choice. It also lets you create something new with an image you upload. It is also one of the oldest meme generation tools out there. 

  • iLoveIMG

Featuring the slimmest interface, this online meme creator lets you work with templates or images of your choice. It accepts the popular image formats like JPG and PNG and also lets you work on GIF files. You can also convert the final meme to JPG and save it to your device. Resizing, compressing, and cropping images are among the basic features allowed. 

With the above meme creators in the market, you can easily create catchy memes for sharing on your social media profiles. As many of them allow you to create memes without watermarks, you can later add a watermark you prefer.


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