The Best Platform for VOD: How to Choose One?


VOD streaming services have shown huge growth since content consumers started cutting the cord and opting for online video streaming. Businesses take advantage of such a demand to generate revenue by producing video content. They utilize IPTV/OTT solutions for video streaming developed by professional companies.

Plenty of developers specializing in OTT/IPTV software in the market have different solutions. They introduce diverse features providing different quality of experience to you and your viewers. That’s why it is essential to pay attention to software and its functionality when selecting one. 

Let’s discuss what features can help you build a successful video streaming service.

What to Look for in the IPTV/OTT Solution for VOD?

When choosing an IPTV/OTT software, you should do thorough research to understand what the market offers and which solution suits you best. Here’s a list of things that it is better to look for:

#1 Encoding/transcoding

Encoding and transcoding are essential for delivery via the Internet. Encoding compresses a media file to make it manageable for transmission. 

Transcoding is crucial if you want to provide outstanding experiences to your viewers. IPTV transcoder will convert the file into a format that the receiving device can play. For example, a smartphone doesn’t need the resolution necessary for a Smart TV. The delivery will be smoother if the video is changed to meet the technical requirements of the device. 

As viewers have different devices and preferences for where to watch a video, it is better to opt for transcoding.

#2 Multi-platform coverage

Talking about providing a high-quality experience to viewers, we should mention VOD streaming apps. Check if the company goes for video-on-demand app development. Then, you will be able to provide your viewers with IPTV applications for multiple devices, and they, in turn, can choose on which platform to watch videos. 

As we already mentioned, viewers have different preferences and devices. Some would want to watch your content in high quality on a TV screen, while others don’t mind viewing videos on a mobile phone, which allows consuming anywhere people want.

#3 Security

Streaming services struggle with piracy issues. Malicious actors would want to steal your content to distribute it for free. As a result, you lose content and revenue. 

To avoid dealing with that, check if the solution has a DRM (Digital Rights Management) system. It is a way to protect your copyright holder’s rights and the effort you put into producing your works. It allows a content provider to control what viewers can and cannot do with their videos.

#4 Analytics

No business can operate effectively without analytics. It is a powerful tool to understand the performance of your video streaming business and clarify the interests of your audience.

Tracking analytics helps you understand what’s working well for your business and what isn’t working at all. As a result, you can optimize your service and budget spent on marketing and other aspects of running a business. It saves time and money. 

You test various hypotheses and come to the optimal solution in the end. 

Final Thoughts

These are not all the features you should look for in the software for VOD streaming. CDN, customization, revenue generation, and scalability are also essential for video streaming services. 

Define what you want to achieve by launching a VOD streaming service. It will help you understand what features you need to achieve that goal. The best solution for VOD is the one that can help you achieve your goal effectively. 



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