The Best Way to Connect People on LinkedIn

Way Connect People LinkedIn

LinkedIn, which is a leading job-searching site, has grown into an all-in-one tool for both recruiters and job seekers. It is a reliable source of many opportunities to get dream jobs. It’s not a problem whether you don’t know how to use all the convenient tools of social media, bookmark the vacancies you’re inclined to, or how to find saved jobs on LinkedIn. Networking is your path to build a deeper relationship on a professional level, that can bring you several hundred chances more. Your task is not to get a rejection from a new connection in response to your request.Lets see The Best Way to Connect People on LinkedIn.

Social Media Marketing Tips for Successful Requests

With the help of the network, our sketchy meetings somewhere at the event or business lunch can turn from a shallow connection into a starting point of a useful relationship. A LinkedIn account is a must-have supply of the best career-related content, a checklist of openings, and a great way to arrange current and potential business connections. There are several key points to remember, trying to reach someone on LinkedIn for the first time to make sure your invitation is going to get accepted even by a total stranger.

1. Make Your Invitation Personal

Sending any message you should remember that behind a profile there is a person. Don’t start with a formalistic standard pattern pre-filled by LinkedIn, but try to create your own message with personal invitation content to prevent ignoring it. By personalizing the note you send out a message that your respondent is valuable.

2. Give the Respondent Some Context

A piece of brief information should make clear your intentions to connect. Name the reason for your invitation, if you have common experience, interests, employer, connections, or you met at an event. It would be great if you provide a type of professional context to give some notion for a better understanding of who you are.

3. Express Your Interest in Their Work

People are quite egoistic creatures and like to talk about themselves. You should let them know that you care about what they do, admire their work, or the projects they are involved in. The lines of communication can get opened with an elegant compliment about their recent activities. With LinkedIn, it gets easier to reach out to any of the top writers for Forbes magazine to express your admiration for a recent piece written by him or her.

4. Offer Your Assistance

All of us have many things to offer. If you can see a way to be helpful to this person, suggest your support for something that matters to this connection. In case you are a writer with several outlets, you can offer to write about your respondent. If you are a CEO manager, you can give some helpful tips for the company’s promotion. Sometimes it is amazing what this way of the offering could do to open possibilities.

5. Take Time to Keep the Profile Current

This sounds absurd, but remember how often you rejected the invitations from people you never heard about with blank accounts. LinkedIn is a perfect platform for explanations of your activity, experience, interests. Anyone will visit your profile to get the first impression before ignoring or accepting your invitation. Your profile may come your single chance to score a valuable connection.

One more important point is that after connecting to anyone you turn into a secondary connection to all contacts in the individual network of this person. Nobody knows in which way different circles of the social networks can intersect and overlap, opening new doors and opportunities for you. The more energy and effort you put into something, the more you’ll get in return.

Bonus tip: if you still have no idea on how to find saved jobs on LinkedIn, tap “Jobs” at the top of the homepage and “Saved Jobs” above the search bar. Happy connecting!


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