The Business of Smoking: Why Businesses Prefer RAW for Their Pre-rolls


Ah, America! Land of the free, home of the brave, and the country that tried to convince us that a plant could be the root of all evil. But thankfully, the winds of change are blowing, and the once demonized cannabis plant is getting the adoration it rightfully deserves. And as businesses jump onto the green bandwagon, there’s one clear frontrunner they’re choosing for their pre-rolls: RAW.

  1. Quality Is Not An Acquaintance, But A Bestie:

First and foremost, businesses love things that scream “I’m reliable!”. And when it comes to reliability in rolling, Raw Rolling Papers and Raw Cones are like that dependable friend who never lets you down, even if you call them at 2 a.m.

  1. Size Matters (especially in business):

For those customers with a mightier green appetite, raw cones king size are an absolute delight. These bad boys can snugly fit up to 1.5g of herb, stretching 109mm long with a nifty 26mm tip. The raw king size cones are simply a dream for businesses aiming to give their customers more bang for their buck.

  1. Sheer Elegance of the Black Raws:

Remember when our policies painted cannabis as a villain, draped in black? Well, in a fun twist, black raws are now the James Bond of the smoking world. Sophisticated, sleek, and the thinnest papers ever crafted. For businesses looking to upscale, this is the tuxedo choice!

  1. Clean and Green:

RAW doesn’t just talk the eco-friendly talk; they walk the walk. Both the Raw Papers and the Raw Cones are organically harvested. It’s like they’ve been plucked straight from Mother Earth’s personal garden.

  1. Slow Burn, Quick Profits:

Businesses can’t help but chuckle when they think about how the slow burn of Raw Cones contrasts with the speed at which they fly off the shelves!

  1. Oh, The Versatility!:

From the good ol’ classic Raw Papers to the convenient Raw Cones, businesses have an array of options to offer to their clientele, ensuring nobody leaves the store empty-handed.

  1. A Tip of the Hat to Efficiency:

Commercial roll-your-own machines and raw king size cones? A match made in heaven! Fewer machine hiccups mean businesses can keep the pre-rolls coming.

  1. Policy Punchline:

Isn’t it ironic? The very policies that once said “No” to cannabis are now indirectly giving the nod to businesses, as they rush to stock up on Raw Cones and Raw Papers. Gotta love that change of heart!


  1. Every Gram Counts:

When businesses are packing their cones, every fraction of a gram can make a difference. The precision design of Raw Cones ensures minimal wastage and maximal satisfaction.

  1. A Brand Synonymous with Trust:

Just as people associate “messed up drug policies” with certain decades, they associate top-quality smoking with RAW. For businesses, the brand power of RAW Rolling Papers and Raw Cones is undeniable and unbeatable.

n a twist of fate, as the green wave engulfs the States, businesses have chosen their champion for the smoking ring, and that champion is RAW. Now, if only our policies were as clear and transparent as RAW’s rolling papers, eh?

Green Blazer is a certified RAWthentic pre rolled cones distributor. They are a homegrown Las Vegas small business cultivating community and culture one cone at a time.


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