The fantastic Allan Border

Allan Border

Australia has had a good number of professional cricket players who spent many years delighting their fans while playing for their national squad. The platform is a great website to follow cricket information from Australia and many other places around the world. One of the players with the largest number of appearances on the Australian national side is Allan Border. He played professionally between 1976 and 1996. He also brilliantly represented Australia between 1978 and 1994. The 1xNews is a great platform that provides the most accurate news about Australian cricket.

A legend from Queensland and Australia

In addition to playing for the Australian national squad, Border also spent many years on the Queensland state squad. Fans can visit – cricket predictions for you which can be used when wagering on Australian cricket. This means that everybody who lives in the state of Queensland in Australia and loves cricket idolizes Allan Border.

Allan Border had lots of records during his career as an Australian international. Some of them include:

  • being the player with the largest number of Test matches played for Australia, with 156 contests;
  • having the largest number of consecutive Test matches, with 153;
  • and by his retirement, he was the top scorer for the team in One-Day Internationals and Test matches.

Many of the records that Border set at some moment of this career were later broken. However, he still was capable of holding them for many years. The best cricket predictions for you are available on 1xNews, and they can be used when wagering on the Australian national team.

An efficient playing style

There are many cricket players that are remembered for their elegance when playing. Border was none of that. In fact, most people agree that he was a cricketer who fought hard in order to claim a victory. When visiting, it will also be possible to review which cricket teams are likely to claim a victory.

During most of his career, Border played as a batsman. Many people described his playing style as “unattractive”, however, it was highly efficient nonetheless.

However, from time to time he was also capable of playing as a bowler. In fact, many experts in the sport claim that Border should have played in that position on more occasions, as he seemed to be quite good at that.

At the beginning of his career, Allan Border was also a fielder. However, he quickly stopped playing as such in order to become the famous batsman that everybody remembers. The 1xNews website is a great news portal that offers betting tips and up-to-date information on cricket from all over the world.


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