The Hottest Trends in Tech: 6 Must-Have Digital Tools For Influencers

Tools For Influencers

Influencers are the next big wave in digital marketing. Social media influencers–especially those in the fashion and lifestyle niches–can make or break an emerging brand in today’s world. As such, companies may connect with these individuals through sponsored content in advertisements, product endorsements, and even direct contact to collaborate. If you put in the time and use the right tools, your content can be just as successful. The digital world is brimming with these modern-day micro-celebrities who market every product under the sun. Let’s look at six of the best digital tools for influencers use to grow their platforms. 

Virtual mailbox- Tools For Influencers

One significant concern for influencers is their home address leaking to the public when collaborating with brands. Potential stalkers and other online predators could compromise their safety and privacy in the incredibly interconnected world we live in today.

Many influencers use mail solutions like the iPostal1 virtual mailbox as a secondary address to put under their name. The virtual mailbox receives all correspondence on the influencer’s behalf and notifies them via app or web. That way, influencers can stay connected to fans and business contacts without compromising their privacy. 


As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Visuals are now playing an increasingly more important role in marketing, making Canva a great tool to have as an influencer.

Using this free design platform, you can create beautiful images and edit them quickly and easily. You can also use pre-made templates or upload your logo to customize the look of your Instagram posts and increase engagement rates over time.

Social media scheduler

Today, brands are constantly on the lookout for influencers to collaborate with.

There is so much content online that filtering through social media platforms can be challenging.

This overcrowding is especially relevant when searching for specific hashtags and keywords attached to a particular brand or product.

You can use a social media scheduler like Hootsuite to simplify this process. This tool allows you to search through posts easily without having to spend hours scouring the internet for your next potential collaboration opportunity. Integrated analytics lets you view how well your posts perform before signing off on them too.


There’s a reason why the GoPro camera is one of the top cameras on Amazon. Not only can it be used to take professional-quality photos and videos, but its versatility has also made it a mainstay in influencer marketing.

For example, some influencers will use their GoPro to film themselves during outdoor activities such as mountain biking or kayaking. Content creators then post these videos online for brands to view and potentially reach out to them as potential collaboration partners.


In addition to producing new and engaging content, influencers need to communicate with the right people. GroupMe is a great way for influencers to manage their contacts. It’s an easy-to-use text messaging application that allows anyone to create a group chat with multiple people, making it perfect for collaborations.

In addition, people use it to share contact lists with others. The ever-popular group messaging app keeps you connected with peers via text and voice messages – an integral part of networking today.

You can even make new contacts inviting people who share similar interests to chat with each other. Best of all, GroupMe integrates with both Twitter and LinkedIn, making it an efficient way to connect with influencers without manually inputting contact information repeatedly.

Social media analytics

Finally, social media analytics is an essential tool for any influencer. By using a free service like Cyfe, you can monitor the growth of your brand’s influence on Twitter or Instagram at no charge.

You can also see how many impressions your blog posts generate each month. Knowledge of such info is necessary to track if you want to remain successful in today’s market. Paid social analytics services like Sprout Social use more in-depth analytics to help you see the value in your brand, product, or service.

When you spend hours putting together amazing video stories, you want to make sure you reach as many people as possible, and good analytics will help.

Final thoughts about the best tools for influencers

Tech can be a powerful tool when doing influencer marketing, so having an awareness of what’s out there is always helpful. Above all, brands want to hire influencers committed to their craft. Over time, using these six tools will build your brand into a powerhouse that advertisers want to work alongside. 


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