The Main WhatsApp Features You Didn’t Know About 

Main WhatsApp Features

WhatsApp remains one of the most popular messengers in the domestic world. However, as before, the vast majority of active users do not know a tenth of its features. Their number, by the way, is steadily expanding with Main WhatsApp Features.

In recent updates have appeared quite a few new techniques for working with text and voice messages, and dialogs. There are also a lot of curious chips that continue to be relevant. It is also important not to forget them.

Here are the most interesting old and new WhatsApp tricks in one cheat sheet for newbies and old-timers alike. And all these features are making WhatsApp as user-friendly as Woo Casino. Check it out if you know it or not.

Create a Quick Color Group Picture

This is the easiest way to separate group chats by topic visually.

Select the “Emoji and Stickers” option when editing the group cover, define the background, and the sticker or emoji.

Looking for an individual picture for the group is sometimes very long and painful. It’s easier to visually designate it like this. By the way, this feature is fresh and appeared in the latest updates of the messenger.

Listen to Voice Messages Before Sending

Press the button to record a voice message, and then swipe your finger up to fix the process – now you can listen to the audio after the end of dictation before sending it.

Another fresh feature that many have been waiting for. Now you can check if you have said too much in your voice message.

Pause Recording of Voice Messages

Gesture to record and then press the pause button while recording and continue whenever you want.

Locking the recording of voice messages allowed the developers to add an extremely important feature that will help you record a message in more than one go.

Sending Photos and Videos for One-time Viewing

While sending a photo or video, press the miniature ① button, which you won’t notice at first glance. It’s a great feature that many other messengers lack.

After the first viewing of a photo or video, it will be immediately deleted without the possibility of another study.

Recognize the Person You’re Talking to by the Melody on the Message

There can be an individual tone for each caller.

Define the desired sound in the corresponding section in the “Wallpaper and sound” menu in the individual dialog settings.

With this feature, you can either react to new messages as soon as possible or postpone them for later, without even bringing up your mobile device.

Turning off Automatic Content Saving

This is to avoid overloading your gallery with unnecessary content.

switch to the inactive position the switch “To Photo film” in the “Chats” section in the “Settings”. 99% of the images that are transmitted via messengers are a priori not needed in “Photos”.

Clean the Messenger Cache Through a Separate Menu

You can significantly reduce the size of the application.

Remove unnecessary content in the “Storage Management” section of the “Data and Storage” menu in “Settings”.

For especially active users of the messenger, its size can increase to several gigabytes, and this space on the gadget disk can be quickly cleaned.


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