The MUST Know Car Accident Essentials

Car Accident Essentials

Getting hurt in a car accident is always a stressful experience. Pain from wounds may be excruciating, as can be the anxiety of wondering how to care for yourself and your family in the aftermath. Everyone knows  that car crashes occur on a daily basis, but few anticipate a collision will occur when they get behind the wheel. It goes without saying that drivers are stunned and frightened after a wreck. It’s tough to find the mental clarity or Car Accident Essentials required to cope with the problem at hand and take the appropriate measures to protect yourself both physically and legally.

Although you cannot predict when an accident will happen, you can ensure that you are prepared by knowing what to do if in a car accident.

There are a few steps you can take to fight for fair compensation if you are injured. We have outlined a few steps below:

In the case of a car crash, the most vital thing is to ensure that everybody is uninjured. Adrenaline will typically rush through the body as a result of the event, possibly causing shock. Pain receptors can be blocked as a result of the shock.

When an injured victim is bleeding or has a shattered limb, do not attempt to move them. This could result in further damage.

It is usually best to move your vehicle out of the path of traffic as soon as possible. However, you should take a few photos first so your attorney can analyze them later. Once your car is moved, turn on the hazard lights.

  • Call 911 and Get Help

Contacting 911 is important for several reasons. It is the first step toward getting medical attention for the injured, and it allows the police to create a traffic collision report, which can bolster your lawyer’s investigation. Depending on your state, contacting the police is required if the crash has resulted in significant bodily injury or property damage. If the incident happens in CA, you can access the CHP accident report online with some of the incident’s basic information, such as the date, ZIP code, and your car’s VIN.

Even if medical assistance arrives to the scene, you should still visit a doctor afterward, if you are not taken to the hospital. This will ensure your injuries are officially documented. (

  • Contact a Personal Injury Lawyer

After seeking medical attention, which should happen immediately, you should speak with a car accident attorney right away. Your lawyer will perform an investigation, talk to eyewitnesses, gather evidence and structure your claim. Your attorney can then negotiate with the insurance carriers for a reasonable settlement. If you hire an experienced litigator, your lawyer can also file a lawsuit and proceed to litigation if no settlement is reached.

It is always advisable to hire a skilled litigator if you are in a car accident. You never know if the opposing party or their insurance company will agree to a fair settlement. Having a litigator by your side will come in handy if you do need to file a lawsuit and proceed to discovery. 

  • Follow the Instructions of Your Attorney and Doctor- Car Accident Essentials

Your lawyer will give you advice to protect your legal claim. This may include not discussing the accident on social media, keeping a personal injury journal and letting your attorney handle all correspondence with the insurer.

In addition to following the guidance of your attorney, you should also adhere to your doctor’s orders. This will prevent the insurance company from arguing that your own negligence has caused your injuries to worsen or prolonged your recovery.


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