The Present and Future Prospects of Esports Betting

Prospects of Esports

Since 1995, the growing trend and prospects of esports has been taking over the entire world. Interestingly, it wasn’t intended for monetary rewards, it all was just for fun. But the situation changed in a matter of time.

In the 2000s, video games like Starcraft, Counter-Strike, and Dota were introduced to the audience. The noise around those games was too big, so they were turned into a subject for betting. With millions of fans worldwide, it was silly to ignore the opportunity to make a profit out of the gaming routine. Future Prospects of Esports-

Who Is Involved in Esports Betting- Prospects of Esports

In the survey conducted by the Entertainment Software Association, 65% of American households have someone who spends time playing video games regularly. The average age of gamers ranges from 20 to 35. Unfortunately, many players under the age of 18 are also trying to cheat the system by hiding their age and get involved in betting activities.

Despite all the rumors, esports is not a male-dominated sector. By referring to the Entertainment Software Association, women make up 31% of the video game playing population. This percentage isn’t as small as one would assume. Further advancement in technology led to the spread of esports like a wildfire. Today, it is almost unstoppable!

Bookmarkers depend on the activities of popular esports games as they cannot ignore them. Europe’s Esports fan base currently involves more than 92 million people. With $152 million in betting turnover, the European Esports industry covers almost 45% of the worldwide Esports betting market. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is currently the most popular video game in Europe, with Dota 2 coming in a second place.

Let’s take Dota as an example. Once the game smashed player records and the online streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch, the viewership skyrocketed instantly. Twitch TV is the most popular online gaming and eSports streaming resource. It has more than 100 million unique viewers every month. It has become obvious that the eSports sector is no longer an addition to game companies’ offerings. It has become an independent part of the eSports sector. 

Fine-tuned gaming setups, a fair ranking system, and a transparent field for balanced team-based fighting have all contributed to the overall appeal surrounding Dota and other games of this type. To know what is meant under it, make sure to visit and check out the game in more detail. 

While the market’s size doesn’t stop growing, the market’s long-term status remains unknown. In this context, esports betting companies try to establish themselves as an entertainment platform, putting live viewership and unique betting markets at the same level.

Final Word

Will esports Online Cricket Betting ID carry on growing at its current rate? Will it start moving backward? No one has a clear answer to this question. However, there are some nuances that make you think that video gaming and betting will become bigger soon.

Hundreds of millions of people follow esports tournaments and other events every day, and this number is only going to rise. The future will be affected by the continued development of eSports betting products, sticking to the well-regulated framework, and ensuring a high-level of integrity.

Cooperation, money, and tighter interaction with regular sports will be crucial areas of esports betting in 2021. Esports betting is no longer perceived as something strange or unusual. Let’s prepare for video game sportsbooks to start reaping the benefits of organic esports activities.


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