The Rise and Fall of Life Simulation Games

Life Simulation Games

As a child I would often search for life simulation games on different online gaming sites and there literally were a ton of those, each with their own little touch of uniqueness and fun. I remember there used to be a game called Life that would let you control every little thing that goes around in the world. You would often start with a cute little couple that looked like jelly beans and you could decide how their life goes, how you want them to craft up their homes, go around farming to survive, have kids and so much more. Before reading forward, you can check old and new game prices on website, to find out all the mentioned games in this article.

The most interesting thing about that game was the freedom not only with a single character but a bunch of characters that start from nothing, you see the whole world evolving from a bunch of little kids living with their parents as their parents worked and built a life for them to these kids outgrowing their parents to start their own family and run errands on their own. Instead of having to control one player or playing as one character in a huge world that goes about on its own this game would actually let you build the whole world from scratch but it has its own limits and restrictions.

As the genre became more popular, games like The Sims became a massive hit and it grew into a large community or a small virtual world on its own. It provided players with a plethora of features that closely resemble real life events and activities that people carry out on a day to day basis. It makes you feel like a god to these virtual characters called the sims, each with their own needs that you would have to tend to as they carry out their routine activities, you need make sure that your sims are doing good, make sure that they are going to work, eating properly, finishing their homework on time and so much more that goes around in real life. And that is something that made The Sims one of the most popular life simulation games of all time and even to this day, hundreds of thousands of people are playing this game.

Many people often think or at least expect the Life Simulators to follow the rules of real life. However, that is not the case for many life simulation games out there, even if you take The Sims for instant, it does closely follow and try to simulate the real life in the best way possible but there are ton of unrealistic events in the games like skeletons coming to life, vampires sharing the world with you and so much more that makes it closer to a fictitious movie than a real life simulator in the true sense of it. 

Although being immensely captivating, the life simulation games started to somewhat fade away a few years back as many players started to move on to other popular games in the market. But last year’s Pandemic played a huge part in the revival of the genre as people were stuck in their homes all day long, desperately needing an escape, a way to be social without having to go outside and Life Simulators like Animal Crossing were the best possible option. It provided players with their own little corner of the world that actually belonged to them, they could create their own little space, hang out their friends just as they did before the lockdowns, decorate their homes to host a little tea party, carry out different jobs to have some income to buy different Animal Crossing items to make your life a breeze and so much more to keep the players from getting bored.

Personally I think what makes a good life simulator is the ability to make the character in the game closely resemble you, the player that is playing the game. And that involves a number of custom properties that the player can tweak around to make the character feel more life the player to actually make you feel like a part of the world. This allows players to create their own story by choosing different paths, making different decisions than other players in the game, building their own life, and having their own unique personality. 

Games like Stardew Valley, however basic it looks, does this in the best way possible.It gives you complete freedom to create a character onto which you can project your personality with all the little quirks. This ensures that you can create your own story as well as have a character that represents you. You can carry out all sorts of different tasks as you would in real life, be it farming, crafting your own little place you can call home, pet animals, have your own vehicles, be social with other characters in the game, run all the little errands around town. 

These Life Simulation Games also have a sense of timing in the world, the day and night cycle actually have some effect on all the characters in the world, they change their activities based on the time of the day like waking up in the morning early to get to work and finishing up their work to get back home before it gets dark.


Life Simulation games have always been hugely popular amongst certain types of gamers. These games include all sorts of different real life concepts such as dating, crafting, social activities, jobs to make a living, playing god in the virtual world and so much more. And that is exactly why life simulators are so popular, they allow you to create your own little universe just the way you want, a place where you can be whoever you want and do whatever you want. 

Life Simulators are not going anywhere, anytime soon. These games are here to stay but we could surely use some innovation in this genre to make it more enjoyable for a wide audience.


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