The Sri Lankan Premier Trophy

Premier Trophy

Sri Lanka is another country that offers some interesting cricket matches. Punters can visit the sports betting site in Bangladesh 1xBet in order to start wagering on those contests. There are several cricket competitions in this part of the world. However, one of the most interesting championships is the Premier Trophy.

The competition currently features first-class cricket. It has been organized since 1938. However, all matches played prior to 1988 aren’t considered as first-class contests, even if they have been played with their rules. The 1xBet Bangladesh website is a great sports betting site in the country for wagering on multiple cricket competitions from all over the world.

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Many names

As said before, the competition currently known as the Premier Trophy had its first edition back in 1938. However, it has changed names many times across its history, yet, the kinds of matches have remained quite constant. Regardless of the name, you can bet on cricket with on this highly entertaining tournament.

Some of the ways in which the championship has been known across its history include:

  • the Daily News Trophy;
  • the P Saravanamuttu Trophy;
  • the Robert Senanayake Trophy;
  • and the Robert Senanayake Trophy.

The name Premier Trophy was used for the first time for the 1998-99 edition of the championship. Currently, with 1xBet you can bet on all cricket matches that this tournament has to offer.

Dominating teams

When looking at the list of champions of the Premier Trophy, it is easy to see that some teams have clearly dominated the competition. For example, the Singhalese Sports Club is by far the most successful team in the championship. It has won more than 30 editions since 1938. Followers of the sport can try live betting with 1xBet on this team and all the others that participate in the tournament.

It is not easy to catch up with the number of tournaments obtained by the Singhalese Sports Club. To do that, the second most winning team would need to win approximately 20 consecutive editions. This squad is the Nondescripts Cricket Club, which has won more than 15 editions of the Premier Trophy since 1952.

Other winning squads include the Bloomfield Cricket and Athletic Club, the Colombo Cricket Club and the Tamil Union Cricket and Athletic Club. It is also possible to try live betting with the 1xBet website on these teams.

Curiously, there are two defunct teams who won the Premier Trophy in the 1960s. They are University and the Nomads Sports Club. Regardless of the winner, this competition is a very entertaining cricket tournament.


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