The Top Tech Items for Making Student Life Easier

Top Tech Items

Nothing can quite prepare you for heading off to college for the first time – it’s a time of meeting people, settling into independent life, and getting to grips with your new diploma or degree. However, becoming a student is also the beginning of a huge transitionary period, where you start to learn what exactly your standards are for your daily life, as well as juggling an endless list of stresses and pressures that leave you with little time for thought with Top Tech Items . 

Technology continues to influence pretty much every area of our lives, becoming more powerful and more integrated essentially all the time, providing functional benefits such as helping to increase productivity and organization, as well as providing benefits in terms of leisure, such as movies, TV and video games.  

With students under a lot of pressure to perform in exams and coursework, as well as learning all they can about themselves and the world around them, it’s no surprise that there are gadgets out there that could potentially provide some essential helping hands – whether that’s a case of taking care of some chores to shrink the workload, enabling you to relax and stay entertained as effectively as possible when you have some downtime, or something else. 

Unfortunately, it’s not often that a student has the ability to splash out on a cache of gadgets before they head off to college – but just in case you’d be interested in even one of these items, you can read on to find out more about which gadgets would suit student lifestyle perfectly.

Automated hoover – Top Tech Items 

One device that has made a surge in popularity over the last few years, as technology has allowed it to be more efficient, powerful and effective, is the automatic vacuum cleaner. These mostly circular objects are designed to navigate around the room, picking up dirt, dust and any other debris – completely remotely, with only input controls needed to get the cleaning process started. 

Even for fully-fledged adults, keeping the floor clean in our homes is an unpleasant and often lengthy task – especially when we are so busy with other commitments that it takes a while to get round to cleaning the floor properly. When imagining five or six largely busy individuals sharing the same home together, it’s easy to see why a robotic hoover may help to save the day. 

Such was the success of early robot hoover models, alongside the technological improvements that have been made since then, there is now a huge range of them available online.

A smart TV- Top Tech Items 

Taking the best of both the old and the new, smart TVs are an essential item in any student’s home. The current generation of students likely grew up with access to sites such as YouTube and other streaming platforms, and as such, are used to both traditional TV viewing, as well as the modern system of on-demand content. 

Smart TVs do a great job of striking a balance, with their WiFi connected nature meaning that mobile devices such as phones and tablets can cast their content to the TV, making it easy to enjoy YouTube content on the big screen, or switch over quickly and efficiently from using Netflix on your phone.

These qualities make smart TVs ideal for social households, as multiple people can connect their devices and cast content to the screen, meaning everyone has a say in what is being watched, and people can easily share content with their friends. 

In addition, smart TVs can function as speakers as they can house audio apps such as Spotify and Amazon Music, as they do with video apps like YouTube. 

A Tablet or Laptop- Top Tech Items 

While not so much a communal item as the previous two, a tablet or laptop is an essential device for students heading to college, as they need to be able to complete their assignments conveniently while also having a personal entertainment device from which they can watch movies, TV or play video eclipse

As time has gone on, the lines between tablets and laptops have continued to blur, with the devices offering slightly different pros and cons in terms of processing power, battery life, ease of use, and mobility, while still occupying a very similar niche in the market. 

It would seem that whichever device a user finds more convenient is down to their personal preferences and the way that they intend to use the device. As a general rule of thumb, if you want more processing power and the ability to run software and programs effectively, then a laptop is for you – but if you want increased mobility, a touch screen, and a more mobile-esque experience with access to the appropriate app store and apps, then a tablet could prove more effective. 

There is a huge variety of tablet and laptop products available on the market, such as Lenovo tablets for college.

A Fitness Watch- Top Tech Items  

One thing that can be easily forgotten when heading off to college is your fitness. As children, we are often integrated into sports teams from a young age, where we get into routines of playing sport on at least one occasion per week, helping us to make friends, stay active and learn new skills.

However, once college is on the horizon, with all of the stresses and pressures that come with it, sport can suddenly slip away to be replaced by time studying, hanging out with friends or simply less healthy habits, such as playing video games or sleeping in. 

This also applies to diet, which can be hard to maintain if you’re used to relying on food made by your parents – and with takeout food typically being unhealthy, you’ll begin to notice the effects on your health. 

While fitness watches cannot physically make you exercise, their functionality can provide useful information about your health, such as your heart rate, as well as be used to track your data when you do exercise, allowing you to track your progress and share it with friends. 


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