This is the best tour of an island that has a European-themed background in Animal Crossing: New Horizons


The design of this island draws inspiration from European culture in a variety of different ways. It reaches an exceptionally high level of excellence. Before I began working on it, I gave it a quick once-over to make sure everything was in order. I started keeping track of the fact that this island features a lot of attractions and that it is very enchanted in order to gain a deeper comprehension of both of these facets. To put it more succinctly, the island is breathtaking in every conceivable way. Please scroll down to the description and click on any links that you find there if you would like to view the content that is available to you on my channel. Thank you. Finding it wasn’t hard at all for me to do.

Look carefully at the front door that leads into the building. It all works out beautifully. Take a look at this, and you won’t believe your eyes after seeing this! This island has completely and utterly won over my heart, and at this point, I simply cannot imagine living anywhere else. Wow, I had no idea the beach offered so many different activities. Please enlighten me. Take a look at this while you’re here while you’re at it.  Oh, my God,Look at this, I can’t believe it, but I’ve never once considered that I was actually on my beach before!

It does not meet any of the requirements to be considered a bridge in any way. Human beings were responsible for building this bridge in its entirety. Since it’s so great, I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t come this way. Oh, it appears to be a store or other type of commercial establishment. It is possible to find it in the registry of the old school, and it has an endearing appearance there. Due to the fact that I have only just recently arrived on the island, I have no idea what I’m looking at. Because of this, I kindly ask that you have some patience with me while I figure out what I’m seeing. Together, we are going to think of something truly incredible to do with this situation.

This place serves up a mouthwatering pizza. This island has got to have some kind of pizza tucked away someplace, and I can’t even begin to imagine where. You’ll find it tucked away inside of a cozy coffee shop and bakery that exudes an inviting vibe. It appears that there is nowhere else for us to go. Together, let’s figure out what the next step will be in our journey. We are present and would like to offer our greetings. Let’s investigate where I am at this very moment, shall we? Although it gives off the appearance of a gas station, animal crossing bell it has been closed for business for a considerable amount of time. This is such a cute and cuddly thing!

This is the area in which the pig can be found. Oh, wonderful. I saw a path. What sort of a circumstance is this, exactly? There is a chance that members of the general public are unable to visit this beach. There is also the expression that goes “Oh my god, look at that, how incredible!”The fact that she has lampposts positioned all over her property is something that I find to be quite remarkable.

Do you have any previous experience staying on islands similar to this one? There is a possibility that we will watch it a total of three hundred to four hundred times on my channel. This is one of the larger islands that has YouTubers living on it, so even if there are other islands with people who make videos for YouTube, this is still one of the larger islands. I’m going to make the most of my time here on this isolated island by watching the show ten thousand times.

I do not know the names of these bridges, but if I have it right, the canoe should be able to paddle over here without encountering any difficulties. If you go through a passage that is situated below the bridge, you will find that there is a way to reach the opposite side of the river. As a regional area on a continent, my knowledge of Europe is limited to a very basic level. I guess I’ve seen movies. You should know that I enjoy going to the movies, which is why I recognize it. Because of this, you can count on me to recognize buy bells animal crossing new horizons. You can rely on me to recognize it as a consequence of this reason. You can find that particular portion over there, and there is also a Bonnie who is doing an excellent job of carrying out her responsibilities; the other bond can be found over here. Wow, it seems like quite some time has passed since this one was first brought up.

She is the proprietor of the store that can be found at that address. Very good. It’s a great representation of the human race overall. The fact that this model’s floor is covered in maple leaves is an appealing detail that can be found throughout the model. What the heck, how incredible is that? Wow, I had no idea that you were looking at my island in the background there. Thanks for pointing that out to me. You heeded our recommendations and were able to get a good look at those islands from where you are now, which is very encouraging.

This apartment on Street has cracks in the floor that make it look, uh, like you know, uh, like you know, but we have capable sisters and Luke’s grandmother living here. Luke’s grandmother is also here. Oh my goodness, she has something that is able to fit in so marvellously with the gaps that have been left in the reporting. She has my utmost respect. The fact that the top of the store is brown and the crack is blue is the only thing that detracts from the effect; other than that, it blends in perfectly. The only thing that detracts from the effect is the colour difference between the two; other than that, it blends in perfectly. Examine the composition of the building as seen from both the top and the bottom. Great.

The location contains everything you could possibly require, from screws to nuts. Permit me to inform you that Abby lauded you in a very audible manner for the work that you’ve done on this island. She thanked you very specifically for the work that you’ve done. On this floor, there is some incredible design work that has been done. Wow, that’s amazing news because I’ve been looking for a museum.  I’ve been looking for a museum. Please accept my sincere gratitude.  At this location, you are able to rent bicycles for your own use. Please take a look at this, please take a look at this, and I’d be grateful if you could spare a moment for me so that I can demonstrate something to you using my handheld view in the most efficient manner possible. How does it look here?

In this configuration, it performs its functions extremely well. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Abby for providing it to me and thereby earning my gratitude. It is essential that you do not forget to keep an eye on the content that has been shifted to the left side of the screen. The portion of the page that can be found on the right side contains some excellent content. Take a look at my list. You can see that I have access to quite a few beautiful islands, but I have to say that this one is right up there with the very best of them. I can’t say enough good things about it. I am grateful that you made the decision to watch. Thank you for your time.

In order for the two of us to go fishing together, I will wait for you at the next stream that I fish in.


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