Tips to Make Your Reports More Insightful


Many businesses rely on reports and their accuracy to better understand and optimize processes. It’s crucial to ensure that you have proper, reliable and insightful reports. However, most of the time you just rely on the tools you use, which may or may not be enough. But there are ways to make your reports even more insightful, and here are some tips.

Create a story around your data

A good and creative way to improve your reports is to try and find the story within your data. If you do that, you get to create better and more innovative reports, something that will help you save a significant amount of time. It’s a wonderful idea to create a story around your data, and the best part is that it will provide an excellent result in the long term. 

Add images and graphs

A report is rather barren if you don’t have visuals in it. So it makes a lot of sense to include visuals like graphs, images and other relevant information. It helps immensely, and the best part is that it will help showcase your stats and information in a more creative way. Once you do that, you make the report more engaging and easier to go through. Visuals break up the content, and you will make it much easier to read. Even if it doesn’t seem like a lot at first, doing that will make the entire process much more cohesive.

Add your own comments 

Just having the data there won’t be very meaningful to those reading your report. You always want to ensure your reports don’t come by as something automatic, which is something that can happen more often than not. Including your own comments is a great idea because it can save time, while also ensuring you add a bit of personality into the report. That’s something you want to have in order to make the report stand out. And once you do that, results can become incredible.

Don’t sugarcoat your data

The thing is, many people try to sugarcoat data, but you don’t always want to do that. Instead, you want to understand why any failures appeared and what you can do to solve those issues. It’s certainly not simple, but once you keep a consistent process, you will find it all to work extremely well. Avoid any rush, and instead focus on making the process as convenient as possible, while also showing you know why things failed and you have a plan on how to improve.

Speak to the audience

The important thing you always want to focus on is speak to the audience. That means in many cases you need to cut out the very complex talk and focus on keeping things simple and to the point. It’s a great idea to consider, and it will allow you to enhance the value of your report. After all, no one wants a report with random numbers in it. Explain to the audience what that data means, personalize and show it in a unique way. That’s what makes it great, and in turn the results can be exceptional. It does take some trial and error to find the right format, but it’s going to be worth it.

Create some actionable insights

It’s a great idea to try and create actionable insights where you can. As always, when you have a lot of data from bi data analytics, it can be very overwhelming to go through all the information. When that’s the case, the best thing you can do is to try and share meaningful bits of information in a way readers can understand everything. 

Ask the readers what they want to know

Interacting with the readers and knowing what they want can help a lot. Not only can it help you narrow down exactly what you need, but it allows you to create a better report without the fluff. That’s what readers want, accurate and comprehensive information which is right on the point. Having too long reports can be an issue, and that’s exactly why you want to address that in an appropriate manner. You don’t want to prolong the report, keep it to the point while understanding what the readers want from it.

Experiment with different designs

Sticking to a single design can sometimes make reports less appealing and interesting. The best approach is to try and work with a variety of designs and see what works for you. Switching things up and trying new things does help, and it will provide you with an excellent approach. Plus, the advantage is that you keep the viewer interested while also adding in a unique approach to your report.

Try to start with questions, not the data

That way you keep people interested in the report and the info you share. If you just start with questions, that adds a new layer of interest. Otherwise people will just browse the report, get the data right away and leave. With questions you can bring in a different approach and you grab the interest of those users. It’s a nice approach to focus on and it certainly adds to the experience, while still ensuring that you have a great report for your readers.

Include branding where possible

Reports can be a great and informative tool, but they can also help with branding. If you want to add style and value to a report, it makes sense to try and include branding features like logos or slogans in between. That certainly helps the report feel more focused and narrowed down, instead of an automatically generated piece.

Maintain style continuity

It’s a great idea to maintain style continuity because it allows you to show persistence and value. There are always challenges when it comes to retaining a good style, and doing that can help quite a bit. It does take a little while to narrow down specifics, but once you do that things will add up and improve. Keep it consistent and retain the same style, as it will help immensely!

Making sure that you know what kind of info is meaningful to the audience will always help a lot. We believe that having insightful, professional reports can always help, and it will bring you an excellent array of benefits. Not only can you enhance the report and make it better, but at the same time you can add personality to it. That’s the thing that a lot of people want from a report, and it can be difficult to achieve. But once you have that, results can be exceptional and you can truly show the value you bring with your report.


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