Top 10 Reliable Tracking Apps to Use Without Them Knowing


You are facing issues communicating with your kids, partners, or family, aren’t you? Not satisfied with your employees’ working performance? When talks and discussions do not help, there is a solution on the way – to use a reliable and trustworthy cell phone tracker. 

Here you are – 10 of the most advanced and comprehensive online trackers for your attention. Whether you are looking for a mobile number tracker peculiarly or a multifunctional monitoring solution, there is an option for you. So, keep reading to find your best one!

Advanced Monitoring with the uMobix Cell Phone Tracker 

The uMobix advanced tracker is one of the best and the most trusted monitoring tools you may find. Many parents use it to track their kid’s online activities and whereabouts. Many couples and employees use it for their purposes as well. And it’s not surprising, as the tracker runs smoothly on Android and iOS devices and costs $49.99 for a month full-pack subscription plan. 

So, with uMobix, you will access their text messages, calls, social media, browsing history, and much more. Moreover, thanks to its Geofinder feature, uMobix has become a great live mobile location tracker online.

Powerful Monitoring App Mobile Tracker Free

If you want to start your monitoring journey with the free mobile tracker app, go for Mobile Tracker Free. The app offers a free package with basic tracking features. You may change the package whenever you want to get advanced features.

With Mobile Tracker Free, you can see what they’re chatting about, listen to and record their phone calls, monitor their social media accounts and photo gallery, or get real-time access to their GPS location. Go to their official website to download mobile tracker free.

Online Tracking Software – Spyic 

Spyic is a remote multifunctional tracking app suitable for everyone interested in remote surveillance. It’s not a free mobile tracker app. Still, for only $39.99 a month, you will get numerous working tracking features, such as messages and IM monitoring, and access to Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, or even Instagram in stealth mode.

Moreover, the tracker can provide detailed reports on someone’s movements, including timestamps and addresses.

Instant Monitoring with SpyBubble

Designed for couples who want to catch a cheating partner, the SpyBubble tracker has a lot to offer. The app will give you access to your partner’s daily chatting activities on their social networks. But SpyBubble will also retrieve deleted calls, messages, or contacts for you. Sounds convenient, doesn’t it?

Moreover, using SpyBubble is a great way to monitor their dating or secret apps if there are some on their devices. Get screenshots from the target device any time and become an investigator!

The Best Tracker for Parental Control – mSpy

mSpy is a proper solution for parents who want peace of mind about their kids’ safety. The app works well on any device, regardless of the operating system. You just need to create your free account and choose a pricing plan for the beginning.

The mSpy cell phone tracker has numerous helpful and functional features for children monitoring, such as a keylogger, screen recorder, browser history monitoring, or harmful websites and blocking apps. You can use this mobile tracker online to monitor your kid’s social media to protect them from online threats. 

Remote Monitoring Software for Any Device – Cocospy 

Cocospy works perfectly on phones and tablets of any operating system.  The app offers all the necessary features for sufficient remote monitoring. After the registration and app’s installation, go to the mobile tracker login to start monitoring your target device’s activity in your dashboard. With the tracker, you could check their SMS/MMS, chat on the most popular messengers like WhatsApp or Facebook, and track their location and website history.

Spying Tool for Android – Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is one of the favorite mobile trackers among Android lovers. The app offers all the features one should expect to use on Android devices, such as recording SMS, text messages, and incoming and outgoing calls. It also captures the screenshots from the required device in a hidden way. With Hoverwatch, you may see everything that’s going on on their social media and IM chats.

The Best Text Spy Tracker – Phonyspy

Phonyspy is an improved version of the text message trackers. If your primary goal is to get deep into someone’s text and chats, Phonyspy can do the job. But that’s not all. This SMS tracker will also get into their emails, browsing history, location, photos, and videos.

The app offers the keylogger feature, so everything they type on their phones will be available in your user dashboard. 

Multifunctional Phone Monitoring App – eyeZy

The eyeZy tracker is on our list not by chance. It is one of the most powerful trackers available, which you may find for advanced and comprehensive monitoring. With eyeZy, it does not matter which phone or device your kids or spouses have, as the app works on any operating system. The app will notify you with magic alerts when they’re chatting, searching online, or talking inappropriately. 

Comprehensive Phone Tracker – ClevGuard

The last tracking app on our list is ClevGuard. It combines all the necessary features you may expect from decent tracking software, such as reading messages secretly, call and browser history, GPS and Wi-Fi location, and many others. With ClevGuard, you access the most popular social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, or Tinder. 


Is it possible to track a cell phone from a free app?

Yes, it is possible. Some apps offer basic tracking features within free packages like Mobile Tracker Free. You may eventually change the package and get advanced features for your disposal.

How do I track my spouse’s phone location stealthily?

One of the easiest ways to track your spouse’s location without them knowing is to use a reliable tracker contact number. You may choose Mobile Tracker Free, uMobix, or any other app offering a GPS location tracking feature.

Do all phone tracker apps run on both Android and iOS?

Some monitoring apps run only on Android. The tools mentioned above run on both operating systems (except for Hoverwatch). The only thing is that the features they offer and the installation process may differ depending on the OS.


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