Top apps to have while traveling in Tanzania

Top apps to have while traveling in Tanzania

In the past, traveling in a foreign country could be an odyssey, from having to carry maps, compasses, calculators, notes, guides, and other travel documents. Nowadays, you can find everything on your cell phone, so we have gathered the necessary information so that before traveling, you can download all the apps you need to have a smooth trip.

Most apps are for travel worldwide, but specifically, these are applicable to travel within Tanzania. Today, we present to you several apps that will make your days in the country easier:

Maps available, online and offline.

Before creating map apps on electronic devices, travelers had to carry maps, travel books, or specialized road books. A problem when traveling in this era was the difficulty of calculating distances and travel time. Everything was an estimate that people calculated according to map calculations, but there was a time lag.

Today, thanks to apps such as “Google Maps,” the traveler can not only create routes with specific times but can also download the maps in advance and have it as a document on the electronic device. This way you can use it without an internet connection.

How to know how much a product costs

Before the creation of apps, the traveler had to plan to know the budget, the exchange rate, and how much a product really costs when buying it.

Today, we have an application that unites all these travel needs in one app. It is called “XE Currency” and allows you to know any currency exchange rate in the world quickly, letting you know how much you spend at the exact moment.

Traveling in a group and splitting expenses

When traveling in a group, one of the most classic problems is to pay the everyday bills, especially because some friends pay with cards, others with coins, and many places when you travel do not provide a payment slip, or in the course of the day, they get lost.

That’s why we recommend apps like “Splitwise” or “” to be able to split bills and have everything updated at the moment.

How to understand locals in their native language

When a tourist travels around the world, they may encounter people in countries who speak different languages. The issue of not understanding others can often generate communication problems.

Therefore, we recommend you download the app “Google Translate,” which allows you to enter in text and audio what you want to know and translate the content. Also, it will enable the audio option. Furthermore, in case you do not know how to pronounce a course, the app helps you to communicate.

Take the best photos on your trip

In the old days, when traveling and using film cameras, a traveler had to go back home, develop them, and see how they turned out.

Today, thanks to technology, this has changed. Now you can take pictures, look at them on the spot, edit them and post them on any social network. Many tourists prefer to edit some photos to have the best picture on social networks. For this reason, we recommend using apps like “Snapseed” or “Pixlr.” These allow you to edit them and even add different effects.

Advance to the weather

A rainy day or intense heat can interfere with your itinerary. That’s why scheduling your trip according to the weather is essential. Although it can change, some apps like “Accuweather” give you a ballpark figure of what the weather will be like in the coming week.

Other information about Tanzania tourism

You should consider that in order to visit Tanzania, you will probably need to [apply for a Tanzania visa] to enter. Not all countries require a visa to enter Tanzania, but if you are unsure if you need one, don’t worry!

**** has a group of experts who will be able to help you get information and process the type of document you require quickly and easily.

Regarding COVID-19 restrictions. It is important to know that all unvaccinated tourists must present a negative COVID-19 test 72 hours prior to travel.

In addition, unvaccinated tourists from the United States, United Kingdom, India, South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda, France, Democratic Republic of Congo, Egypt, and Malawi must undergo a rapid COVID-19 test upon arrival and quarantine.

This information may change over time, so they always recommend reviewing the COVID-19 information prior to travel.


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