Step-by-Step Guide: How to Unban Someone on Discord

discord how to unban

As most of you already know, Discord is probably one of the most favoured and widely used applications when it comes to voice chatting. The application is mainly directed towards players who would like to speak to their teammates while playing games. How to unban someone on discord is used by millions of people from all around the world, including highly-rated streamers to coordinate with their teammates through voice chat over the internet. If you have been playing games on your PC for a long time, then chances are, you’re already using it on your devices.

discord how to unban

Although it’s a voice over Internet protocol application, tons of users are using it as a social tool to find and interact with new people on the internet. In fact, there are thousands of servers on the platform where you can converse with other users and make new friends too if that’s what you’re looking for!  Most of the time, the servers or rather communities are well organised, and there are actually moderators who take care of the server and its chat to ensure every user follows the community guidelines.

The best part of Discord is that it doesn’t require any additional software installation in order to share your screen On Discord with other users.

Well, in today’s world, it doesn’t matter how strict or restricted the rules may be, there will still be a bunch of users who would spread toxicity and cause havoc in the chat. It’s up to the moderators or admin to take action against such pesky Discord users who ruin the community with their toxic intentions. The best part about Discord servers is that you can actually impose a ban on the users if you’re a moderator or owner of the server. In this post, we will discuss how to unban on discord.

What Is Discord Ban?

Discord allows users to create private or public servers where an unlimited number of users can join through the invite link. With the help of servers, users will be able to engage in a text conversation or join voice channels if they want to talk with other users. It’s a great platform that is now being used as a social network tool for various purposes such as dating, education, making friends, etc.

The owners and moderators of the server will have full control over the server and the members who are in it. So, as a moderator, you will always have the option to ban someone if they go against your community standards or guidelines. In most cases, a ban is imposed on the user by the server management or moderator team when they are not respectful towards other users in the community or spread toxicity in the chat.

Banning people may not sound that good in general, however, it has become a necessary tool nowadays if you would like to keep your discord community free from toxicity and from people who pick up fights with other users in the chat.  Generally, when a moderator takes action and decides to ban the user, he or she will not be able to send any text messages or join any voice channels in that server until the ban is lifted. Now, if you’re a moderator or server manager, then it might be easy for you when it comes to imposing a ban on the user.

However, we believe that bans should not be permanent, especially for first-time offenders. So, it’s best to unban the user and let him continue to be a part of the community. Now, the problem is most of the moderators or server managers do not know how to unban someone on Discord. So, we’ve decided to come up with this article explaining how to unban people on a discord platform in just a couple of seconds. Let’s go ahead and jump into the how-to unban someone from discord straight away without wasting any further time.

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How To Unban Someone On Discord?

We strongly believe bans should be a temporary thing especially if you’re running a community that isn’t related to any topic or matter.  As we said earlier, it’s best to lift the bans from the users and give them a second chance and see if they behave well in the community chat. In order to do so, you will have to first unban discord users which might be a difficult process if you are not aware of the steps.

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So, the steps to unban someone in discord are mentioned below. You simply need to follow up with the steps and perform it properly to successfully lift the ban from the user. However, before proceeding with the process, we’d like to inform you that you have to be a moderator or owner of the server in order to be able to ban or unban someone in that specific server. So, if you’re not a moderator or server manager, then there’s no point in following these steps as you won’t be able to do it. Make sure to let any of the moderators or the owner of the server know the below-mentioned steps if you want someone to get unbanned in the server.

  1. Well, the first step is to download and install the Discord client or app on your computer or smartphone. It doesn’t matter what platform or device you’re using, the steps to unban so also complain for someone on discord are the same across all the versions or platforms.
  2. Now open the Discord client or app on your device and type in the credentials of your account to login. Once the login is completed, you need to select and open up the specific server where you would like to lift the ban from a user. Please keep in mind that you have to be a moderator or owner of the server to unban someone in it.
  3. Head over to the Server Settings simply by clicking on the options menu when you’re inside of the server. If you’re using Discord on your smartphone, then simply tap on three horizontal lines to open up the menu where you will find the option of Server Settings.
  4.  Under the server settings menu, you will have to scroll down a bit to find the “Bans” option. Now click on the “Bans” option to open it up. There you will find a list of users that have been banned from messaging or joining channels in the server.
  5. Now you simply need to find the user whom you would like to unban. It might take a bit of time especially if the list of banned users is lengthy, which is generally the case with large servers. It’s best to type in the name of the user or his discord account ID to find them quickly in the list.
  6. After finding the user account, simply click on the user ID name and select Unban option on the next screen. You will receive a pop up asking to confirm the action. Simply click on the Done option which will be located right next to the Unban option.
  7. That’s it, you have now successfully unbanned the user, and he or she will be able to continue to be a part of your community. The unbanned user will be able to send text messages or join the voice channels in your server without any issues;.
  8. Once the ban is lifted, the user will be able to post or send messages in the community chat like other normal Discord users without any difficulties. So, these are the steps that you need to follow if you want to unban someone from your Discord server. It would hardly take a couple of seconds to unban someone on discord if you know the steps and do it properly.

Final Words

Well, that’s all you need to know if you have come here looking for a way to unban someone from Discord servers. The above-mentioned steps need to be followed if you want to unban a user from your server. In the end, if you don’t want to be banned from the servers, then it’s recommended you not to spam the server’s chat and don’t be toxic towards other users.

Hopefully, the steps provided in the article would prove to be helpful for those who aren’t aware of the process of the unbanning users on Discord. Make sure to let us know your doubts or queries through the comment section below.

Frequently Ask Questions 

Q1:  How can I unban someone on Discord?

Ans: To unban someone on Discord, you need to have administrative privileges or be a server owner. Go to your server settings, navigate to the Bans tab, find the banned user, and click on the Revoke Ban or Unban option.

Q2:Can I unban someone without administrative privileges?

Ans: No, only users with administrative privileges or server owners have the ability to unban someone on Discord. If you don’t have these permissions, you will need to contact a server admin or the server owner and request them to unban the user.

Q3: What happens when I unban someone on Discord?

Ans: When you unban someone on Discord, their access to the server is restored. They will be able to see and participate in the server’s channels, send messages, join voice channels, and interact with other members, just like before the ban.

Q4: Can a banned user join the server again automatically after being unbanned?

Ans: No, unbanning someone on Discord doesn’t automatically reinvite them to the server. After being unbanned, the user will need to join the server again using an invite link or through a direct invitation from a server member.

Q5: Is there a limit to how many times I can unban someone on Discord?

Ans: There is no specific limit to how many times you can unban someone on Discord. However, it’s important to consider the reasons for the ban and ensure that unbanning the user aligns with the server’s rules and guidelines. Continued violations may result in further disciplinary actions.


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