VoIP For Improving The Efficiency Of Your Remote Staff in 2021: 4 Ways It Helps


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Considering the availability of internet technology that can be taken advantage of today, it’s not surprising that smart business owners are shifting their staff to remote work.

Such a move affords them various benefits that help generate even more money for the enterprise. That’s why it’s also the biggest motivation for companies to avail of the services afforded by telecom providers like Telnum.

For one, it lets you access talent from anywhere in the world. Therefore, should you decide to get one, you’ll save costs on labor.

Moreover, the fact that your team is working from the comforts of their home means that you don’t have to own or rent an office space.

But the benefits of VoIP extend far beyond just cost concerns. It’s also a great way to further improve the efficiency of your remote workers so you get more bang for your buck.

Here are the best ways that VoIP can help you with employee efficiency:

  1. It keeps them connected even on the go

This is super important, especially if a lot of your team is connected with sales. The remote team may be staying in their homes, but your client-facing employees may still have to go out from time to time to meet clients.

And what does that mean for your VoIP system? That’s the best part! Absolutely nothing.

They’d still be able to connect just like they do from their homes. The only difference is this time, they’d use their mobile data instead.

Therefore’ for as long as they have access to quality mobile data connection, they don’t have to worry about missing anything from the virtual office. 

2. It provides functionality regardless of the gadget used.

With VoIP, everything exists in the cloud. There’s no actual infrastructure involved except for what they use to access this virtual system.

Again, because the system itself is virtual, it’s not tied to a particular device. Think about it like your social media account. You don’t have to get your laptop specifically just to log in. You can just as easily do the same on your smartphone.

This makes it more convenient for your staff to do their job because they’re allowed to use the device they’re most comfortable with.

More importantly, this means they don’t have to focus their energy on nursing a headache while on the laptop, for example. They can just as easily switch to their phone so they can lie down on their bed comfortably while still being able to work.

3. It integrates different systems.

Although VoIP is most known for virtual numbers, its functionality goes beyond that. What becomes a part of the VoIP system is up to its owner because it can be upgraded however you like.

One of the most popular upgrades is the integration of different remote office functions within the system. So as a result, you’re creating a seamless integration between what were two separate systems.

This move doesn’t just make work easier for your staff. Because they don’t have to switch from one system to the other, they’re effectively saving time which they can now use for more important functions.

But the integration of functions also means the centralization of information as well. For example, if you set up a meeting, you don’t have to reach out to them using various modes. 

You can just make an announcement within the system. And since everyone is in it, you’re sure that they’re informed.

Integration simplifies not only tasks but also information dissemination. Simplification without compromising quality is the hallmark of efficiency.

4. It lets you create your remote dream team.

At first, this sounds like something that would just benefit you. Because you can opt to hire additional people on a project-based or contractual basis, you’d be able to save money associated with hiring a full-time and permanent member of the team.

But really, it also helps everyone else on the team. Let’s say you have 10 people on the payroll. Normally, their workload is just enough for the hours that they’re working.

However, there are some months that you’re getting so much business that your team of 10 can hardly keep up. They’re overworked and are working around the clock.

If it continues long enough, they’re bound to make errors that could jeopardize the satisfaction of your clients and in extension, the reputation of your enterprise.

Before it comes to that, you’d be able to hire freelancers to help with the workload when needed. They can even be in a different part of the world so you’ll technically have people working 24 hours a day.

This improves their effectiveness and efficiency without you having to permanently add another employee.

VoIP is incredibly useful for a lot of things, but its real power lies in creating the conditions for efficiency. Especially with a remote team, it’s essential to maintain your connection to them no matter where they are in the world.


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