What Are the Benefits of Using a Virtual Number?

Virtual Number

Virtual Number Usage to Gain Benefits

Virtual SMS is a service available to owners of a virtual number. A virtual number looks the same as a real one: it has a country code and the proper number of digits. However, it is not associated with a SIM card and exists in the form of a personal account on the virtual mobile operator’s website. The user receives messages directly to this account. What are the benefits of having a virtual number? There are many benefits linked to a local virtual phone number. Imagine the ease and convenience of obtaining a French virtual phone number, for instance. It’s like having a local connection in France without the need for a physical presence. With this virtual number, you can effortlessly stay in touch with friends and loved ones, engaging in meaningful conversations and nurturing stronger relationships. What’s more, it opens up a world of affordable international calling, allowing you to easily reach out to friends or family across borders. It’s a personal touch that brings you closer to your French connections and helps you expand your global network of relationships.

No Spam on Your Smartphone

We have to share our number everywhere: to get a loyalty card at the local supermarket, to register on a website that you need to visit only once in your life, etc. Over time, they bombard you with SMS, which are usually just annoying and hang unread in your inbox. Use a virtual number, and your smartphone will be dedicated exclusively to personal or business correspondence.

Get Favorable Tariffs

If you face a choice: to buy an additional real SIM card for “one-time” registrations or a virtual one, choose the second option. In most cases, its rates are more favorable. Moreover, if the country of the number’s origin doesn’t matter to you, you can choose the most favorable tariff. For example, Indonesian numbers are currently cheaper than Dutch ones, and Dutch numbers are cheaper than British ones.

No One Will Know Who You Are

Your phone number is very valuable. On the Internet, databases are often stolen, and as a result, you may receive text messages or calls from scammers. In addition, a real phone number allows them to find out your name and other information. The virtual number can’t be associated with you because you don’t provide any personal information when buying it.

Register on Foreign Websites Restricted in Your Country

Some applications are only available for registration with numbers from a specific region. For example, GPT chat was unavailable in some countries right after its launch. A virtual number SMS helped people from restricted regions register and use the service.

One-Time Use Option

Operators usually offer a one-time SMS and a rental option. The first option is convenient if you need to register once right now on a website that you don’t plan to return to later. The second option is worth choosing if you use the number for important services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, etc.

If you want to have a spare phone number to avoid using your personal one, use the OnlineSim service. Your SMS will be conveniently stored in your personal account, and you will remain anonymous and avoid spam.


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