What Color Saber Are You?

What Color Saber Are You

Sabers come in many different colors, including green, gold, silver, and red. Some sabers have been colored black, and others have been colored blue, but in all the cases, we do not see the colors come out of the metal. To see which color your saber is, you have to look at the features/traits mentioned below and find out if you are someone who has the corresponding habits. Good luck! Visit Here

What Color Saber Are You?

So, what is the color of your saber? What Color Saber Are You? Most sabers are purple, with blue being the most common. Some have silver coats, and others do not. The hilt and blade of a saber are usually silver to represent the Light Side of the Force and are part of the iconic Jedi collection. The color of your saber depends on your traits as a Jedi Knight.

“What color lightsaber are you?” is a question many people ask when they first see the amazing Star Wars films. Of course, it’s wise to know what your Star Wars character looks like before asking that question, or else you may end up in a big pickle.


The most common color of the replica lightsaber is blue. Most Star Wars movies featured blue sabers mostly because it was the color that symbolized peace and freedom. The great Jedi Knights also used blue as their color of choice. You can also see many Storm Troopers sporting a lightsaber of some sort, most likely a blue one. The reason that they were blue was because that was the color that was closest to their uniform. The features of this color include caring and empathy. When it comes to combat, they fight with passion and give their heart out.


The second most common color of the saber is red. In the films, red is more likely a villain’s color. These people tend to be very decisive, and they don’t let their feelings come in the way of their decisions. Even when it comes to their friends and partners, they are very straightforward, and this habit gives them an upper hand. These people are suitable for a CEO or leadership positions.


The force is strong with the green lightsaber, perfect for those who wish to hone their skills in martial arts. Whether a beginner or a seasoned practitioner, this lightsaber is a must-have. The sabers can come in various designs, shapes, and sizes.

A green saber is a type of saber that is favorable for someone who avoids confrontation at any cost but fights with full heart when it is needed. It is ideal for those who are extroverts and motivated. This saber is perfect for individuals who are both inspired and strong enough to handle larger-sized weapons. It is also a good gift for women who are in love with more minor things.


Whether you are leaning towards technology or someone who follows the right strategy, the yellow saber is perfect for you. The saber is also a great practice tool for a bottom liner, and this saber is an ideal option. This weapon can help you master your inner-directedness, which is essential to flying a ship.


The orange saber is perfect for those who wish for peace and avoid war. If you take a look at the movie Star Wars, you will notice that the orange saber is the choice of the good guys. They were known for being loyal to the Dark Side of the Force, and they used these sabers as their weapon of choice. The orange saber has been a symbol for the Resistance as well, although it also favors someone with excellent problem-solving skills rather than violence.


In the Star Wars films, there are several instances where we see the purple saber. Purple sabers serve as loyal allies of the good characters in the films, while on the other hand, they can also be the nemesis in the films. A purple Lightsaber is a rare item that has been designed especially for Star Wars fans who are looking forward to receiving their hands on one. The purple color is used to symbolize the force or energy that has changed between the good and evil sides of the force. The design is so intriguing that many Star Wars enthusiasts have been looking forward to getting their hands on one. However, these guys are kind of aggressive and extroverts with a touch of stubbornness, which makes them unique.

Final thoughts:

Hopefully, this article has provided you some helpful information about lightsabers and what kind you should choose. Choosing your saber isn’t only a matter of personal preference. You will also need to look at your costume and see if it matches your saber. Once you have decided what color saber you want to buy, you can then get online and start shopping!


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