What exercises can you do with a kettlebell?

What exercises do kettlebell

A kettlebell is a type of weight that has been used for years. It originated in Russia but is now also used in many other countries. The Russian Army and Russian Secret Service already used the kettlebells for training, calling it a cannonball with a handle. In the 20th century, the general public could also train with the kettlebell, which can be made with the help of 3D printing services. This is a company that could also help when it comes to CNC services. After you have made a kettlebell in the weight of your choice, you are now ready to use it in order to improve your physique and health with the help of the exercises below.

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You can of course train your leg muscles with a squat and a kettlebell. To do this, stand with your legs shoulder-width apart. Hold the kettlebell with both hands level with your torso, keeping your elbows against your body. Maintain this position with your upper body throughout the exercise. You start the squat by lowering your knees, but you have to keep your back straight. You should also keep your feet on the ground. Hold the squat position for two seconds, then slowly stand up again.


You can also do a deadlift with a kettlebell. Place the kettlebell on the floor in front of you first. Stand over it so that the weight is directly below you. You have to put your feet a little wider than shoulder width. Then tighten your abs and keep your back straight. Tilt your hips back and bend your knees slightly. Straighten your arms and grab the kettlebell. Then push your hips forward to return to your starting position. You should now tilt your hips back and bend your knees so that the kettlebell touches the floor again.

Kettlebell swing

With the kettlebell swing you target your leg muscles, buttocks, shoulders, and back muscles. You perform this exercise correctly by first explaining the kettlebell a little in front of you. Then, lower yourself by tilting your hips slightly and bending your knees. Pick up the kettlebell and rock the weight through your legs. Then rock the kettlebell forward with a smooth movement of the hips. At the same time, you should also straighten your knees. With this movement, the kettlebell should reach your shoulder height. Then let the weight swing back down between your legs.


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