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The gaming industry has been developing for a long time and over a period of more than 20 years, many projects have appeared that have brought a lot of innovations and new ideas.

It is always important to come up with something new to stand out from the rest and complement the gameplay, as the developers of PUBG did with the introduction of a new project and the genre of battle royale, in which players land on any point on the map and must obtain weapons and ammunition in order to fight with others players for the right to remain the last survivor on the game map.

Apex Legends from EA Games took a ready-made concept, but added game dynamics and the ability to select agents who will have unique skills in addition to the need to destroy all enemies and collect good weapons, ammunition, armor and first aid kits. Otherwise, all you have to do is get used to the mechanics of movement and combat, and apex boosting will develop much faster, increasing your rating.

What makes Apex Legends unique

Apex uses several formats that refine the standard mechanics from PUBG to make the project more dynamic and interesting. EA Games added the agent format, but also generally sped up the overall gameplay to add an arcade effect, instead of the semi-simulator that PUBG is originally, because it uses mechanics of the ARMA engine.

Agent system

You can play as any of the suggested agents to bring your share of success to the match, especially if you decide to play with friends as a squad.

There are several agents that are created primarily for team play and should be considered for the Apex Legends boosting rating.


A hero half made of metal has the ability to naturally regenerate health, which allows him to withstand some of the damage, saving his allies and then calmly restore all the damage received, but the main thing is not to overdo it and not receive damage incompatible with life.

The second important mechanic will be the ability to generate ammunition, creating the opportunity for allies not to search for ammo, but only to find full-fledged weapons.


A hero who is a classic support class who can heal and conduct reconnaissance using drones.

By launching a drone, you can get a first aid kit for yourself or your allies, instead of looking for them on the game map.

Reconnaissance will also not be superfluous to know whether opponents are hiding around the nearest corner.

The last important bonus will be the ability to raise allies who are knocked down by a drone, which frees up Lifelane’s hands to fight, which will increase the chances of survival of the group and speed up Apex boosting.

World of Warcraft

A project from Blizzard that has given a lot to the gaming industry and the world of online games in general.

Mechanics from WoW are used in other online games.

The project continues to evolve, but the key impact can be identified immediately.

  1.  PVP system

World of Warcraft was one of the first to propose the concept of PVP, but played up its importance and justified reasons.

This is the concept of two factions, which includes many races in each of them, and by choosing your side, you forever become part of the conflict between the Horde and the Alliance with their enemies and allies.

You will be able to freely attack representatives of enemy races, but they will not look at you calmly.

Such ideas force players to cooperate, farm carefully so as not to get an unexpected blow, and always remember that starting from level 20, your gameplay in the open world will change dramatically.

You will be able to receive special coins of valor if you manage to kill an enemy hero of the same level as you or exceeding it, but not if you are far behind yours.

For them, you can purchase weapons and armor that have a bonus to damage and protection from it from the hands of other players.

  1. Raids

WoW was one of the first to introduce raid mechanics into the gaming industry – entering a dangerous dungeon with a boss and his retinue in order to destroy him and get rare items and weapons that are difficult to obtain in any other way.

Raids are divided by difficulty level, which add health to the boss, cooldown time for key skills, and awareness of their use. The cost of a mistake is huge and one player can let down the entire group with one wrong action. It is in the most difficult Mythic raids that unique items and weapons are obtained.

  1. Professions and order table

WoW offers players who love and are focused on grinding the opportunity to exclusively collect resources and sell them.

Master the profession of collecting resources and creating items to fully earn gold by selling items to other players.

In the Dragonflight update, you can do it in another way – just get to the order table and fulfill the orders of other players.

You will be provided with resources if you have a sufficient level of skills and earn gold from the implementation of your skills, in which you have invested more than one hour of game time.

With sufficient online presence on the server, you can get a lot of gold by completing only one task and thereby further upgrading your skills.

  1. Flying dragons

This is not a completely new idea, but it significantly expands the gameplay possibilities, allowing the player to fly to literally any point on the game map, instead of scripted journeys, when instead of loading, you just watch the planned flight until it is completed, but with the Dragonflight update everything will change in favor of freedom and a systematic flight, regardless of your task – travel, or direction to a key goal like the Aberrus raid, which cannot be reached in any other way.

Conclusion on important online projects in the gaming industry

There are game developers who have come up with new ideas and concepts that have become crucial and important to the gaming industry.

Not all of them developed their own unique concept – EA Games, for example, simply refined the already finished format, but introduced many innovations into it that made it more interesting and more spectacular for the eSports component.

A good and systematic Apex boosting for your favorite agents will bring you closer to the top ratings and divisions with a chance of getting into eSports, if you have such a desire and desire.

As for World of Warcraft, this project introduced a lot of mechanics and ideas that are taken as a basis even in new projects, although WoW was released more than 15 years ago.

PVP and the raid system, active trading and professions to obtain resources instead of knocking them out of monsters, most of these mechanics began with World of Warcraft.


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