What is the Best Document Automation Software for Law Firms?


The legal industry is constantly changing, so the need for accurate motions is increasing. There is a need for document automation in almost every task an attorney performs. 

Any document preparation takes time. Drafting a letter can take a few minutes but creating a document from scratch can take hours. You can save a lot of time with the best legal document automation software.

Keep in mind that document automation tools are used to automate the generation of legal documents. They include everything from motions to general letters. The best programs have these functions:

  • automatic filling;
  • template customization;
  • automatic creation of legal documents and forms. 

Some platforms have intelligent automation mechanisms that are used to pre-fill documents. Using such software helps lawyers spend less time creating documents and use them for more important tasks.

Document Management Automation Software for Law Firms

Many best document automation software for law firms use tools such as templates, and automatic filling to create legal forms. Some platforms have built-in intelligent mechanisms for pre-filling information. 

With such software, lawyers spend less time working with documents. This is the most important benefit of using such software. There is no need to create every document from scratch. The lawyer has more time to work with clients. 

Saving time is not the only advantage. Consider the other advantages that document automation software offers:

  1. Increase the efficiency of lawyers. Some tools offer additional features, including a basic document repository. The legal team will be able to quickly access documents in one centralized location. You’ll also be able to access documents from any location, such as a courtroom or home office.
  2. Increased document accuracy. Common mistakes and omissions are found when generating documents from scratch. By using build tools that offer up-to-date templates, errors can be avoided. Software products like Pandadoc can be trusted.
  3. Increased profitability. By automating it, lawyers have more time on their hands. You can spend this time improving client service and growing your firm. As a result, you will increase profits. 
  4. Improving the quality of customer service. Most clients expect high-quality service and fast results. They prefer to pay for work on their case rather than time spent generating documents.
  5. Accelerated work. Using document automation software provides the capability to work faster. 
  6. Easy access to legal documents. You can quickly find the templates you need to create any legal documents. Some templates may not be accurate if you search for them online. The software only offers up-to-date templates so that your documents are accurate from the start. 

Given the benefits of an affordable legal document automation app, you can choose the right software product.

Best Software for Document Automation for Law Firms

There are various software packages that are great for lawyers. Check out popular and frequently used software.


This is the best cloud-based application for working with law firms. It integrates with Clio Manage. The program enables you to create or select existing templates to reduce the time it takes to create legal documents. Lawyaw features a comprehensive library of standard forms and various documents. You can use digital signatures to streamline the document execution process. 


One of the longest-running applications created for document optimization. The platform is suitable for document automation and form creation. With this program, you can create templates for any legal document. In addition, templates can be edited, cloned, and reused as needed. 


This is one of the automation software solutions that is suitable for legal practice with robust automation tools built in. There is an extensive library of federal, county, and state forms. Case management features are available to users, including client management, calendar management, and billing.


This is contracting and document automation software created for law firms. Works inside Microsoft Word, as an add-in, to quickly create contracts and documents. 

The software is cloud-based. It saves templates, copies, and a secure system. There is a monthly fee of $25 for a single user and $50 for a team. There is a trial version that you can test before purchasing and determine if it is a good fit for the firm.


This is cloud-based software that is suitable for law firms to create templates and generate documents. The program consists of two parts, document automation, and contract management. The versatile tool will suit many law firms.

The program will help organize contracts and templates according to a given type. There is a client reception where all data and cases can be collected. A client portal is also available where you can request signatures and share contracts. In choosing the software, it is important to pay attention to the requirements of the firm.



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